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The Impact of Technology on Society Essay

The contemporary culture is characterized by its intense use of technology in all walks of life. Technology is indeed a broad strategy dealing with species usage, understanding of tools and crafts, as well as the manner in which that influences a species ability to control their environment and adapt to that. It has appropriately been known as globalization’s handmaid (World Economical Forum, 2007).

Advances in communication, entertainment, medical treatments and warfare reach the airwaves as technocrats develop faster, more effective technology. Communication is definitely faster, jobs require far fewer procedure for complete hence saving time, and it is feasible to relive certain activities just by driving a button. History has indicated that whenever developments are brought to a particular contemporary society, the society necessarily improvements (Arbab, 2008). These adjustments may be positive or unfavorable, depending on current societal rules, beliefs and cultural techniques.

This is the crux of the ensuing discussion, using a bias within the world of entertainment.           � Relating to a research conducted by Forrester Exploration in the year 2k, the average American dedicates seven hours of their day watching television (Shoff, d. d. ). Television is essentially a form of passive entertainment, taking out viewers’ intellectual capacity; everything is highly processed right before their eyes and there is not any brain power included (Borruso, 2005). Herein lies the big debate on the effect of television on children’s development. Their social skills are sacrificed in favor of passive entertainment. They lose out on other useful skills learned simply through perform and the desire to chill the innate curiosity of any child.

Research on the website link between tv and overweight indicate the debilitating impact of this kind of entertainment about health. The stage coming from childhood to adolescence and early adulthood demands a higher degree of self discovery. This allows persons the opportunity to determine their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If perhaps seven several hours are spent in front of the tv set and anther seven to eight asleep, there is extremely little time kept for expansion. Despite the technological adroitness today’s generation owns, they do not browse, write, dive or add well.

Cyber-world appears being a cocoon with these individuals focusing on entertainment.  They ignore important issues impacting on mankind, their particular mental speed, street smarts and brains notwithstanding (Bauerlein, 2008). The influence of technology in entertainment features greatly fuelled the fire on instant satisfaction. It is possible to skip through commercials applying applications like TiVo as well as select specific videos through Video on demand (VOD).

In addition to this, cases of piracy will be commonplace. Together with the technology on the market, it is easy to compress large volumes of prints of data and transfer that online. The one-to-many and many-to-many mode of transfer significantly exacerbates the problem of piracy. Ought to legal redress be desired, which elements of the circulation chain will probably be found culpable?

In addition to this, entertainment material is fresh and plentiful, covering up all you can possibly imagine genres. Individuals are well aware of copyright laws, nevertheless conscientiously disregard them. The impulse-search-satisfaction route is the unstoppable driving force. This goes hand in hand with the ease of access attached to the Internet. Entertainment material is accessible at home, at your workplace and on the street; practically just about everywhere.

Many employees misuse their very own employers’ solutions not only by way of quenching all their thirst for entertainment, yet also simply by misusing band width in getting extraneous materials. This has been the subject of various IT-related policies with section of the population questioning a great employer’s directly to track staff computer usage. It boils down to the elements of ethics and codes of conduct. The topic of technology and entertainment cannot be complete without a reference to the iPod.

Regarding music, iPods makes shellac discs, records, video cassettes and compact disks appear since elements reminiscent of the Caveman days. However , these types of personalized digital players have formulated the effect of isolating people from the rest of the world at the rear of white earphones. The need to buy entire collections died together with the advent of the iTunes shop as people could down load only the desired tracks (A Technology Society, 2009). Just like the every factor of accessibility comes the question of blue videos.

It seems that the billion dollar pornography market found an effective channel throughout the iPod. The Western society’s increasing threshold of libido lays a foundation for pornography to look for its approach to popular media. This matter must necessarily be resolved, considering that in the United States alone, the adult entertainment industry was responsible for the generation of $2. your five billion us dollars in 2004. In the month of August that yr, 40% of most Internet users go to at least one mature site and 3% of most Internet traffic involved adult sites.

Taking the hit rate figures presented inside the preceding passage, more so pertaining to the speed of technological creation, it will become much harder to censor pornographic content. Alex McKay, a Sexual intercourse Information and Education Council of Canada research coordinator, all attempts at censorship have proved futile (Denomme, 2005). Persons may argue that adults have the prerogative to get involved whatsoever type of entertainment they make sure you, but what about young innocent minds inside their formative years? It is the society’s moral duty to guarantee proper formation with the youth.

A concerned parent vocalized his opinion saying that the advertising of the day is usually making planned attempts to break down the traditional, freedom, decency, interpersonal values that shaped America’s course (McLuhan, n. m. ). He takes the argument back to the multimedia bent about selling sensationalism. People cannot afford to disregard that when values and professional responsibility will be categorically replaced with the yen to secure the greatest amount of advertising dollars, it is members of the public that undergo (McLuhan, in. d. ). There is no question about the strength the media wields over people by way of movies and programs. This power need to necessarily become harnessed for the best purpose.

The impact of technology on entertainment and world is effective to say the least. The topic presented implies the need to establish strict rules of carry out, operating procedures, as well as the legal implications of flouting stated procedures. Technology, in response to entertainment or otherwise, is a twice edged-sword; it might either help the greater very good of society or result in substantive destruction.

This is where the value of the progress well-laid out ethical requirements comes in. � They act as universal controls with respect to scientific operating procedures. Regardless of how powerful technology becomes, it must remain under the class of ‘aids’; human relationships should always rank higher in priority. �

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