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Cashless Society Essay

NOTION OF CASHLESS CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY Today this world is going towards industrialization,  privatization and globalization and the only issue which plays a crucial role can be strong capital. Globally one of the most dominant foreign currency is GREEN BAG ($dollar) & many people are headstrong to seize this. More recently money is everything name, celebrity, power, desire, health and prosperity. Let us halt here for another and work with our divine senses. Is that money important for us to become a good heart and soul?

With tiny stress about grey cellular material we find that thousands of year ago each of our ancestors would not use money at all mainly because their standard requirement was only foodstuff and shelter. Because of the cash, man becomes greedy, selfish, defiant, obstinate and notorious and this individual demolished his actual reason for life. While man is a social creature so he has a lot of responsibility toward society to make it clear of evils just like crime, cast ism, racism,  discrimination, women exploitation and so forth So think about a society in which nobody has a cash(liquid asset) and the survival will be based upon talent, productivity, analytical capability and expertise.

YES……instead of cash, man exchange services to fulfill their particular requirement. The cashless contemporary society has multiple advantage just like reduced crime(no physical money in banks), improved competition strictly based on skills, labour and talent,  convenience in payment between good friends and most  importantly increase interpersonal interaction. Just for this we can can access money through credit cards and mobile orders and by employing disruptive technology.

A troublesome technology is definitely the phenomenon developing when two or more separate technology converges all of a sudden to a new type of technology. If not any physical cash existed, the social connection would probably vary too.

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