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The Effect of Society on the Outcome of an Individual’s ...

Within our present culture, the function of an specific may seem to obtain little value in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless , the lifestyle one partakes is very important, and it will shape not only one self, but will as well influence a number of around, as well as society influencing the part of the individual.

Inside the novel “Rickshaw Boy” simply by Lao Your woman, the protagonist, Xiangzi, is definitely representative of a typical man inside the lower course of early 20th 100 years China; getting started as a respectable and a great rickshaw puller in Beiping, he contains a slow and gradual descent throughout the new into the independent and tragic man he could be by the end. This is actually an effect of his individual faults, although also a result of the faults of the culture he is put into. Lao The girl makes a statement with the persona about the wrongness of a society exactly where this is the norm.

As we may possibly learn from taking a look at the place Xiangzi ends up because of his actions, in order to have an excellent life, the role of the individual in society has to be balanced among individualism and collectivism. Just then can your social order thrive, and one may prosper throughout lifestyle. The lifestyle of the rickshaw puller is a selfish one, without room to a family event or close friends. The overall life from seed to fruition is similar amongst many men, set up details are different.

From the start of the novel, we can say that Xiangzi’s a lot more not going to end up as he plans; the beginning part goes through the students system amongst rickshaw pullers for a reason. Xiangzi’s quest starts off like the high-class guys (“young, dynamic, and fleet-footed”) and eventually ends up on the lower end of the spectrum. She claims that males over 40 or younger than 20 or so generally job only hoping of “earning enough to fund that day’s rent and food” and still have to rent more beat-up rickshaws, functioning only to endure day by day.

This implies that your best rickshaw pullers will certainly fall because they get older, even as we see with Xiangzi. He can ambitious and diligent and will work hard to achieve his goals, but a tragic fate in a society like this seems almost inevitable. He will not really move up on the globe as there is no room to grow, and he will not really become rich or effective as there is not any way they can build him self up that high when starting off thus low. He’s, above all, exclusively in his existence, getting attached with material possessions and cash, with no genuine chance of moving down with a family.

Nearer to the end of the novel, Your woman even claims that “he had gradually come to slip into the ‘rickshaw man’ groove of behavior, ” and “What the regular rickshaw person considered right, he did too… you travel while using crowd or not at all. ” This is the life of a rickshaw man. One particular factor that could be considered a reason for all this is actually the individualistic standpoint that is and so common amongst this sector of society. The rickshaw pullers care for themselves most importantly, and it’s easy for this to be taken past an acceptable limit. Xiangzi begins to feel fewer and fewer positive emotions towards other folks and turns into apathetic to most people in his life.

He even moves as considerably to say that “Worrying regarding other people would be a waste of time. ” Though they may have dreams of living in a system where they can take time to maintain a family, to help out an associate, the rickshaw pullers in the end work to keep themselves surviving. Perhaps if perhaps Xiangzi had been less focused on the outcome of his personal life at the outset of the new, things may have turned out in different ways. As Lao She says, “Someone who aims for himself knows how to ruin himself – the two extremes of individualism.

Due to this antipatia to getting near to others, Xiangzi thinks just of himself and his requirements, just as all the other rickshaw pullers do. If they happen to have thought of others as well as themselves, and found a balanced way of living, then simply their standard of living would have increased significantly. The surroundings one is lifted in improvements whom one is as a person.

Though given that that the outcome of Xiangzi’s life is of his very own fault, it’s at least partially because of the society he grew up in. Taking place in just about any other period or establishing, the novel’s outcome could have been dramatically different. As States, in the final paragraph in the novel, “Respectable, ambitious, idealistic, self-serving, individualistic, robust, and mighty Xiangzi took portion in untold numbers of funeral processions but could not forecast when he might bury himself, when he will lay this degenerate, self-centered, hapless product of a unwell society, this kind of miserable ghosting of individualism, to rest. ” Xiangzi, similar to most rickshaw males, is uneducated.

He learns only from the experiences he has, and his activities teach him not to treatment, not to try as hard as he can easily, because it’s not worth every penny. In this way, he could be a product of the sick, oppressive society. Xiangzi himself is not the reason behind his downfall. His faults are a reflection of how he lives and exactly how he recognizes his function in contemporary society.

Despite getting the best intentions to succeed, Xiangzi continually fails to achieve life. Self-employed and self-centred, he is the picture of an average low-class man in his time. His function in this culture is small , and and maybe not so significant towards the bigger picture, however the rickshaw males as a whole kind a large section of the society through which they live.

They live as one selfish and typically uneducated group, beat straight down by the way they may be taught to have. Maybe Xiangzi, this miserable ghost of individualism, could have thrived within a different time or place. Maybe he was just unfortunate.

All the visitor knows for sure is that a culture similar to this is wrong; when people happen to be taught to buy themselves most importantly and to benefit only materials possessions, they will ultimately neglect to reach all their goals. The actual question is, what are you doing to reach yours?

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