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Puritan Society During the 1600’s Essay

Through history, various people have wished to create a model society. Through the 1600’s, Puritans in New England attempted to establish a perfect society.

The settlers sought to create a colony that was free, contained a strong sense of religion, and was perfect and adored. The Puritans tried to produce a liberated world. They first wanted to reduce England.

That they wanted to prevent what choose to go wrong in britain from going on in their colonies. In England, various people faced persecution due to their beliefs. A large number of people found America seeking religious independence.

During the reign of Charles I in England, the only way persons could get faith based freedom was going to sail to America, mostly to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here, the settlers placed a very good emphasis on faith based freedom. The Puritans ended up constructing the Massachusetts These types of Colony depending on their spiritual freedoms and beliefs. The colonists were able to accomplish a number of these goals.

Although a few of these goals did not move as they got originally wanted. The liberties in America became the same as it had been in England, as the government taxed all the people, church associates or not really, and they forced a rules forcing visitors to attend house of worship services. The Puritans achieved the liberties that they desired, but these protections did not long lasting.

The settlers also wished their groupe to have a very strong sense of faith. The New Britain Puritans were very intense in spiritual matters. They wanted to be considered a very ay society.

To assure this, the church plus the government worked well together; the religion was very closely linked to the Puritan political structure. Their combination of religion and politics was based on self-government, limited government, individualism, as well as the community’s directly to control, which means that the community can control all its associates in a common interest. These were very serious regarding religion since they were founded upon faith based beliefs. That they felt very strong about cleansing the Anglican Church.

All their churches mainly because Congregational Church buildings; therefore , they emphasized community control and independence. The colonies, particularly the Massachusetts Bay Colony, aspired to maintain this “holiness”, plus they accomplished that, but it received out of hand. Their mixture of governmental policies and religious beliefs soon changed into a theocracy, where it was hard to see where chapel and state separated.

As their religious freedom lessened, the colonies started to be more and more like England with time. The settlers wanted their very own colonies to get admired. For this to take place, the groupe needed to be “perfect”. They collection boundaries about who they will let reconcile there: that they only allow religiously suitable people in.

The colonists thought that that they needed a strict orthodoxy to survive. We were holding trying to make a holy disposition, or a “city on a hill”, that would be looked up to by the rest of the globe. They planned to become a “beacon to others” (Brinkley, 1999). The governor of Massachusetts Bay, Steve Winthrop, described an ideal society in “Model of Christian Charity”.

The settlers wanted to create a “New Jerusalem”, or John Winthrop’s “city on the hill”, to get admired by simply everyone, and in addition they were happy to do just about anything to achieve that. The New England Puritans were also very hard personnel, and they a new very strong work ethics. They were serious and diligent people who led very useful lives. They were against anything that lost time or resources, including playing cards or perhaps gambling. That they believed that if they will worked hard then they will be successful; as a result they believed material accomplishment and abundance were favors from Goodness.

Although the Puritans created a strong and enthusiastic society that might influence American culture much after their very own time, they will still cannot live up to the best conditions that John Winthrop discussed. They also could not continue their enthusiasm for faith, so eventually, their groupe were not even close to perfect. The settlers tried very hard to make these ideal and ay societies.

They gained freedom from Great britain, including the flexibility to worship as they needed. They then founded colonies based upon religion having a very stringent and ay society. That they wanted these colonies to get admired if it is what they regarded as “perfect”. Regardless of hard they will endeavored, these colonies simply became a lot more like Britain.

They Fresh England Puritans tried quite difficult, but they never achieved all their model world. Works Reported Brinkley, Alan. (1999). American History: A Survey, 10th Edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill University. Sage, Henry J. (2003).

Colonial American History: Puritan New England.

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