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Experiential Learning Essay

Growing up in a southern express with classic family and faith based values has made transitioning in college existence a bit challenging. Questioning me personally and my bias by my encounters in life can be an ongoing method, as I wonder “is that me? ” or its possible that I experience strongly regarding issues since my beliefs and ethics overshadow most. I feel like I maneuver from a state of passive to hostile in my actions just as I really do my own point out of inside feeling of whom I i am.

Sometimes I feel like I have been treated illegally both since a child and now, simply for being girl. In my actions I occasionally pretend this does not trouble me and this a woman’s place with the home, being a good mom and wife, bit other times I eyelash out when this is anticipated of me personally from my church, relatives, and some areas of society. I actually struggle in this passive extreme way in my own religious beliefs too.

Like a Baptist, at times I feel like the teachings happen to be true and address and that social issues, such as homosexuality will be undesirable and need to be “fixed”. Other times, nevertheless , I feel just like homosexuality and also other so-called interpersonal issues brought up in the house of worship should not be cured like conditions and we don’t have any business trying to “cure” others. Growing up white, female, and very spiritual, I was trained ideals that seemed to confront themselves. The most known cases had been of people in poverty. We were not a poor family, although I would get a great majority of people within my state of Tennessee living in very distressing conditions.

Coming from teachings in the church and my family, I was taught to assist those, whom cannot support themselves. But , the irony was that most conventional people about believed that everyone may help themselves and this their state of poverty was simply as a result of laziness. I recall thinking that I was just a child and had no control over my personal home life and that these other insolvent kids I would see wasn’t able to help their particular situation anymore that I could. So it was confusing that no one seemed to go out of their way (with a few exceptions) to help the indegent back home.

We were, also, likely to treat people equally but not have any kind of “hate within our hearts” for everyone for any cause. It wasn’t obvious to my friends and I that our father and mother were at all bigoted toward minorities, since they didn’t use racial slurs or openly talk about their hate for various other races. But , when my friends and I started out becoming elderly and seeing boys, the parents wouldn’t hide their particular shock once we said that there were an attraction for a youngster of another race.

I quickly realized that mother and father did not believe in interracial relationships and for a little bit I thought that it was not hurtful, but now I realize that my upbringing was all garbled together with racism, sexism, and contempt pertaining to the poor and homosexuality. Just like many southern girls, I used to be supposed to discover a nice person to marry and gonna college was your way to find this gentleman. My family plus the society My spouse and i grew up in had each one of these expectations of me, concealed agendas, and covert bias that I are still aiming to understand completely.

I want to be treated such as an intelligent girl, whose suggestions have worth. I get so irritated and feel aggressive when people believe that college or university is just a “hobby” and that We am below just to discover “Mr. Right”, I are tired of every one of the years of playing the unaggressive role with the quiet and complacent “southern belle”. I actually, also, need to expand my foundation of close friends to include folks who do not let religion become a barrier to their lives.

Many times from what I have experienced in the church, people mindlessly believe what the preacher says and don’t take time to recognize that everyone is human being and should end up being treated reasonably. I wish I had fashioned the bravery to go to converse with people, who have are gay, but I actually still can’t. This is one of the goals My spouse and i am working away at now.

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