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The Day Language Came into My Life Essay

The story is about Helen Keller, who became sightless and deaf at the age of nineteen months as a result of severe disease.

It is Sue Keller’s life which is a first person narrative told by her. In the history, Keller details her time with Annie Sullivan because precious since she trained the language and the value of life with her. Therefore , beneath Sullivan’s instructing, Keller started to learn the vocabulary, and finally the girl was able to find an objective of her life.

To start with in the account, Keller expressed her way of thinking filled in anger and resentment. She explains her existence as a ship which dropped the way without compass in sea in a dense haze. From that, we can feel that her existence was washboard with give up hope.

However , after she achieved Miss Sullivan, her life saw the light in the dark, learning language coming from Miss Sullivan infused her with significant life. The scene in which Miss Sullivan spelled in to Keller’s hands the word ‘w a t e r’ with the various other in the amazing streaming water, was best moment. Mcdougal was able to break a buffer of language, and find the way of her lifestyle, as if your woman detected a harbor in the sea. In all honesty, I am never capable to emphasize with Hellen Keller because I’ve not had any problem regarding learning terminology.

I took leaning language with my mouth and ears with no consideration, and I thought everyone has possibility to learn the language to contact the world. Yet , for someone who may have limits to learning a language just like as Keller, the language is usually precious instrument making them understand the value of life. Therefore , through her tale, we need to understand the worth of language and thank the earth for permitting us to learn language without any difficulty.

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