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Meaning of life – Existentialism Essay

? Through the entire story, Grendel is trying to obtain the meaning of life.

He could be trying to be familiar with purpose of living, and was looking for something to steer him in the right direction. In Chapter five, when Grendel finally satisfies the dragon, he finally believes that he finds the meaning of life. Grendel begins his life if it is an existentialist. He was fundamentally alone when he was youthful, and was left figure out the world around him with no help.

It absolutely was confusing to him, that is certainly how this individual developed the concept of existentialism. This individual believed that he by itself existed. Existentialism stresses freedom of choice, and he had the energy to do whatever he planned to do, so it made feeling.

He sooner or later realizes that he will not control the world when he says, “I believe, trying to suck in breath, and all that I tend not to see is usually useless, void. (Pg. 29)” After arriving at this understanding, Grendel actively seeks a different which means to life. He then listens to the Shaper, who tells is placed to make the Danes feel better about themselves and have a meaning to our lives. As much as he wants to believe that the Shaper and live his your life according to what he says, Grendel felt also ashamed believing in is situated to do so.

This individual decided that he would alternatively be a great outcast if that was what it took to find the truth. He assumed that he had found truth after conversing with the monster. The dragon is a nihilist. He recognizes no goal in life. He claims to know almost everything, “the commencing, the present, as well as the end. (Pg.

62)” His basis behind nihilism is that everything at some point comes to an end, also himself. He thinks that there is no reason for trying to better mankind since in the end this won’t matter. In the dragon’s mind, many people are fighting a lost trigger, and there so there is no point in striving. He puts down humans, and especially the Shaper. He admits that that the shaper is just providing the Danes an illusion, and does not know any more than they are doing.

The only important things for the dragon can be finding platinum. The monster tells this all to Grendel, who is initially skeptical of what he’s hearing. He began to take the dragon even more seriously if the dragon says that human beings needed him in order to think and system and that Grendel caused human beings to have scientific research and religion. This gave Grendel the identity that he had been looking for: “I was Grendel, Ruiner of Meadhalls, Wrecker of Kings. (Pg. 80)” Grendel became on board with nihilism.

He now started to be “enraged” if he heard the Shaper inform his lies and seemed he was offering the Danes a purpose when he killed all of them, which just caused him to eliminate more. Grendel thought that he had found his purpose is obviously, although it ended up leading to his death. His belief in nihilism built him not stop eliminating, and also believe he was essential to the Danes.

He assumed that him killing Beowulf would be good for the Danes, and that is why he tried to get rid of him. Beowulf ended up eliminating Grendel. Acquired Grendel changed his opinions he would not have gotten murdered by Beowulf and everyone could have been best.

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