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Goal of My Life Essay

There are numerous goals in every area of your life that I have planned to perform. When I was in high school the main goal was to finish the college with a G. P. A. 3. zero or higher in order that I could get into prestigious colleges. I have accomplished that aim, I managed to graduate high school which has a 3. 2 G. G. A. Nevertheless , when I found myself in college persons start requesting me, “What are you going to do after you finish college? ” This really is one of the most difficult questions for the college student.

Since I have been students for all my entire life, I would have a hard time to answer problem. For every normal graduates will do is to discover job that suits together with the field that they have learnt or perhaps help with their particular family business. People said that if you don’t have any idea about what you really want to do inside your life, begin with the things that interests you, things that you enjoy doing.

Therefore , my personal goals anytime are to care for my parents when old, marry the best person, help the community, get a good work that makes me happy and provides me enough money to aid my family. The first key goal around me is to manage my parents because in the Buddhist world, taught me that to take care of your parents is the most positive thing in your life. Parents are those that give delivery and raise me to become a good person in the world, therefore I have to give back the actual have offered me for all their lives. The 2nd goal in my life would be every single girls’ fantasy that is to marry the very best man (on earth). Today to find the proper guy is incredibly difficult move to make because it is nearly impossible.

From the research of 100 guys, discovered that for least 50 guys are gay, twenty guys will be married, 10 are in jail, a few became monks, 5 will be unattractive, five are incapable, 3 have HIV, 1 is in asylum(27 August 2012). However , I actually still assume that every person will be destine to be in his campany someone, and i also will find my personal best gentleman someday. An additional goal around me is to support others. I think that every people should figure out how to give and take, it’s the only way to make this world a much better place.

As you make even more then you will need to give back more. By that we mean supporting the community. I might not be able to contribute tons of money to folks in require but My spouse and i started off with little things like littering in proper areas and donate essentials for the orphanage.

And in the future I would personally promote education for children which can be in will need. My last important objective is to get an excellent job with ood funds. In this lifestyle I don’t expected to be considered a millionaire, I just want a job that makes me completely happy and gives me enough money to support my loved ones. The reason why I don’t wish to be a millionaire is because at the time you make more money, cash will consume more of your time and you won’t be able to get pleasure from your joy. I have set these goals to remind me the particular are the explanations why I i am here.

And everyday that we live, exactly what I do approximately would help me to accomplish these goals.

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