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The command styles of ho chi minh and ngo dinh

The Geneva Conference of 1954, which occurred in Geneva, Switzerland, was the turning point for Vietnam. The Geneva Conform was in that case written and placed being a binding contract that separated Vietnam in two zones divided by the 17th parallel (Moss, 2010). Ho Chihuahua Minh and the Viet Minh controlled the northern Vietnam; control of the south was handed to Bo Dai, that was later taken over by Ngo Dinh Diem (then the Emperor) (Moss, 2010). Both leaders exhibited different governing styles and tactics although maintained the most popular goal of freedom and independence intended for the Japanese people.

This conventional paper will expose reasons why the two of these leaders got such dedicated followers in the Vietnamese persons. As leader of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was a person of the people. He recognized himself among the list of feeble and humble citizens of North Vietnam. He was relatable most notable. His primary objective was to gain independence for Vietnam no matter the sacrifice. As a communist, Minh founded the French Communism Party in 1930 (Moss, 2010).

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“Ho Chi Minh was by far the best known Japanese leader.

His leadership with the struggle to free Vietnam by French colonialism had attained him gigantic prestige and a popular following among the country masses whom comprised eighty five percent with the Vietnamese population. Ho and the other Vietminh leaders were committed to unifying Vietnam below their regulation (Moss, 2010 p. 83).  His leadership skills were cheery and this assisted in his quest to employ communism in his nation. Minh went to many countries and well-informed himself for the communist secret of those countries.

Through this he started to be a nationalist accruing support from other countries creating an international movement to help the Vietnamese fight for their particular independence. (Moss, 2010) Contradictory to Minh’s leadership design, Ngo Dinh Diem a new dictatorship method of governing South Vietnam. He also struggled for the independence in the Vietnamese. Having been in level of resistance of the French colonial rule. As a Roman Catholic, Diem would inhabit positions of authority with those who practiced Catholicism (Moss, 2010).

Sooner or later, the Catholic Church might own almost all of South Vietnam land and they were regarded exempt from partage of their land (Moss, 2010). Subsequently, Catholics benefited by sharing the same religious beliefs as Diem leading to a mass conversion of Catholicism throughout Southern Vietnam. Like Minh, Diem was excited about regaining the independence of Vietnam and structured his government to support his eye-sight. “Diem also insisted that only his govt stood pertaining to the satisfaction of the nationalist aspirations of all Vietnamese visitors to live within a unified, impartial Vietnam (Moss, 2010 p. 1). 

Having their livelihood removed during the French Indochina, the Vietnamese had been desperate for freedom. Both market leaders, Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem acquired plans to recover that way of life for the individuals. Minh along with his relatable individuality and Diem with his strong personality and religious values, were meant to bring Vietnam to self-reliance. Both leaders were powerfulk to their persons and with the goal of regaining freedom; they both were able to gain a strong following with their people.


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