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Just how can literature preserve a nation essay

To fully understand this question, we have to define initial two things. Is, of course , what literature is usually; second, what it is that endangers a region that can be negated by literature. Literature, per definition, is the art of written works. In Latina, it virtually means “to be familiar with letters. So , in that context, every publication, every log, every thing crafted, loosely described, is books. Now, what can catalogs, journals and papers perhaps do just to save a nation from, claim, war? Or perhaps economic crisis?

Or anything that damages what we specify as ” community posting a common dialect, a common culture; simply, a nation? Take for instance something authored by a middle-aged American back in the 1850’s.

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And she was a girl, non-etheless, by the name of Harriett Beecher-Stowe. It revolves around an African-American man who have, today, is a houseboy or maybe a worker. Those times, he was called a renegrido slave. The book is, of course , Dad Tom’s Log cabin, with the story touching hypersensitive topics of slavery, racism, and faith based.

This straightforward book by a simple schoolteacher awakened the minds from the American persons into seeing that, to offer Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice, “If you prick myself, do I not bleed? If you tickle myself, do I not laugh?  This aroused a sense of disgust that what White People in the usa were undertaking to another actual human being, although of a several color, still another living person, what they themselves probably would not want to be put up with. In short, this book helped shape America’s long term as a slave-free country by igniting the first leads to of the American Civil Battle.

Coincidentally, a few decades after, it was to be the same publication that would fire up another innovative spark anywhere in the Pacific cycles; in the Southeast Asian place to be exact. When in This town, our very own Dr . Jose P. Rizal was moved by simply Uncle Tom’s Cabin that he recommended writing a novel that could do the same for the Philippines (at that time underneath Spanish oppression) what that book do for America. The result was “Noli Myself Tangere (Touch Me Not). Now, to illustrate how those functions saved a nation concretely would be not logical.

For it is usually not newspaper and pen that will save you a region, it is all of us, its people. We are the nations conscience and we do something about our own consciences. Literature, whether it be the Holy book, or Dad Tom’s Cottage, or The De uma Vinci Code, ignites in us thoughts and feelings.. Of course that cannot conserve us bodily, but it is known as a catalyst. Books is concentrated upon saving the civilised people. It keeps us who have we are, remarks what makes us different from family pets: our considering and our ability to not simply change and adapt, but to change the condition we are in.

It explains to us, hence, giving us new points of view and a wider opinion on the subject resulting in a better understanding of it. That generates concepts that maneuver us into action, that influence all of us, that change us. It’s this that creates a power or a cycle reaction of unexpected awareness that creates the people of any nation to increase up and save that nation; both from captivity, from oppression, from financial downfall, or perhaps form whatever a nation is to be preserved from by its persons.


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