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Impaired employee and legal responsibility

Pension plan Plan, Theoretical, Ethical Concerns, Disability

Excerpt from Term Paper:

The costs mixed up in medical and pension costs for the applicant could have a tremendous impact upon the business.

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The other consideration is the image of the organization in terms of what the law states. Customers today are very superior, and are likely to investigate businesses in terms of their very own fairness and social responsibility. Were the first-choice prospect to disclose to the news that the business involved in unfair practices when not selecting, this could include a significantly negative influence upon the business and its perception by the public. This could result in significant deficits in terms of clients and income. The business will have to consider if this is a suitable risk when compared to the risk of the first-choice worker becoming unfit for work.

The third element is the rules. Business plus the law cannot be separated, as businesses today are required to become completely reasonable in their employing practices (Prial, 2010). In case the first-choice applicant feels the fact that company will not be fair, he could be within his rights to approach the best facility to create a claim against them. This can also cause significant costs to the company in terms of legal and arrangement costs. Should the company reduce a legal battle, the settlement amount could be significant, or perhaps indeed they could be forced to seek the services of the employee, which defeats the decision against him in the first place.

some. Give your decision as the Vice President intended for Health Companies and the explanation for the decision.

As the Vice President pertaining to Health Providers, it is my own decision that, on ethical, legal and business argument the decision against hiring the first-choice worker is unsound. Basing this kind of decision on the hypothetical disability that might certainly not surface can be not in the rights with the company regarding ethics as well as the law. I do not think that there are sensible grounds for the belief that the candidate may not be able to function within five years. Indeed, there is greater than a 50% opportunity that he may.

Therefore it is my own decision that, because the applicant disclosed his condition, this individual should be chosen under the current condition of five-yearly medical check-ups. This individual should be beneath obligation to leave the company’s managers know immediately when the state surfaces, and then for how long following this he will be able to continue his job overall performance. Like all other employees, this individual should have access to the company’s medical and pension programs, towards which in turn his wage will bring about monthly. This decision will certainly protect the corporation in terms of legal and interpersonal responsibility.


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