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Research Methods Essay

In case wherever I am taking part in a community mentoring system and have been assigned to help a local high school scholar who is going through difficulty in producing research paperwork, I am most likely to go over the research methods that I used and so why they proved helpful best for me. First of all is usually experimental approach. I will explain to the student that experimental research is a method of analysis wherein this aims to test a hypothesis in manipulated circumstances, this means, that all of the causes/independent factors are controlled separately from a test variable to review the effect on a dependent variable (Oulu.. 2000).

I will also inform the student that the simplest model of clinical experimentation can be where two independent variables are contrasted (Oulu.., 2000). I will provide examples intended for the student to understand it better, for instance, topics are exposed to two different audio stimuli including tones of different frequencies, to compare the results on the based mostly variable, which in this case is, heart rate (Oulu.., 2000). It works best for me personally because the trial and error method in order to research since laboratory testing has been utilized to take a more in-depth look at human and pet behaviors because the effects of confounding variables such as influence of observation are controlled (Oulu.., 2000).

An additional method of research that I is going to reintroduce to the student may be the one which is usually technically known as qualitative research wherein their findings are generally not deduced by statistical or any type of other quantitative procedures (Bureau.., n. d. ). I prefer this and it works perfect for me too because it requires detailed verbal descriptions of characteristics, situations, and options or info deduced coming from observation, selection interviews, and record review (Bureau.., n. d. ). I will also advise the student regarding the goals of the previously mentioned method of analysis including the fact that it aims to: a) develop hypothesis or perhaps theory; b) understand tendencies in a organic setting; c) study phenomena in their entirety rather than centering on narrow facets of the tendency referred to as 3rd party or centered variables (Ipsos, 2007).

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