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Still Life in Landscape Essay

“It was night, it had rained, there were bits of cars and half-cars strewn” From here, we are able to tell which a terrible highway accident just happened. “a woman was lying while travelling, on her back again, with her head curled back and hidden under her shoulders and so the back of her head touched her spine between her shoulder-blades, her clothes typically accidented off, and her leg eliminated, a long bone tissue sticking out in the stub of her thigh” There is solid imagery employed here as we can imagine a lady in a greatly horrible shape, probably with a broken the neck and throat such that it appears to suspend among her shoulders. Her clothes are ripped and tattered from the incident and “her leg gone” (her leg was most likely run over) and her bone is definitely showing away of her thigh.

This imagery is quite overwhelming, yet , it is the rawness of a INCREDIBLY real and common going on. Every single damage and loss of life caused by driving under the influence is totally preventable. Although the amount of accidents that are alcohol-related has lowered dramatically in recent decades, you may still find far too many this kind of preventable mishaps. Unfortunately, regardless of great progress, alcohol-impaired driving remains a significant national difficulty that tragically effects many victims annually. “my mother grabbed me and converted it and clamped it into her chest, between her breasts” At this point, all of us realise that the poem is in the perspective of any child! Actually, the child features seen the absolutely terrible and nasty scene earlier on.

We can tell how the movement of the poem is going to come about: The child cannot undo what he/she offers seen and this may traumatically affect her in expansion. The child is exposed to the raw truth of lifestyle.

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