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Sport obermeyer case study essay

1- What makes supply sequence management for Sport Obermeyer so demanding?

The biggest challenge Sport Obermeyer is facing is uncertainness. The demand for every of the styles is completely un-deterministic and is very difficult to predict. Concurrently, Obermeyer production cycle is extremely long which can be making it nearly impossible to adapt to the market. Similarly, if the made items usually do not sell, Obermeyer incurs losing manufacturing price. On the other hand, whenever we do not produce enough with the product to meet all of the demand for it, we lose the unattained earnings and dropped demand which will shift to a different product.

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Therefore in the two cases, the uncertain demand is costing Obermeyer a lot. Coupling this with their inflexibility to meet unexpected or unexpected demand sets a big obstacle to Obermeyer. The large group sizes required by companies for Obermeyer further remarkably restricts Obermeyer ability to respond to uncertain require.

Not only just how many to produce from each item may be the big decision for Obermeyer, but likewise when to produce each while not all style can be created for the beginning of the growing season.

As a result such time of when to introduce each product additional complicates the provision chain managing for Obermeyer.

Further, an additional big intricacy which I discover in Obermeyer is how their products are situated in the market versus their functioning model. Obermeyer is positioned available in the market as focusing on the middle to higher class. However , in their working model, they are always trying to go the lowest priced options with no other factors given to any other factor. This kind of contradiction between market placement and their operating model is putting wonderful complexities on the supply cycle management.

2- Describe the factors that you just would use in determining which will and how most of the styles that Wally will need to make during the initial period of development.

With such uncertain demand being experienced by Obermeyer, it is important pertaining to Obermeyer to firstly create “safe designs and then after move into generating the “risky styles. Hence a number of considerations while determining which models to produce first would contain:

Demand uncertainness:

o It can be much easier to start with goods that have the lowest variance in demand. Styles which have been more doubtful in their demand are far better to be postponed till more information is available. As we move over the season, more information will be available and seeing the marketplace reaction enables us to minimize the variance we have in the forecasted demand for the style hence improving our forecasting amounts. Further, you want to make the most out of the styles which is why the demand is far more certain.

Require size:

to Styles which is why higher demand are expected must be produced initial. Having these kinds of styles with higher predicted demands on the market as early as possible will certainly benefit Obermeyer in making the most of these styles. These items are the ones most likely to sell.


o It’s cheaper to start out producing the less expensive products and delaying the more expensive ones until more information is available. By simply starting with the cheaper goods, Obermeyer is minimizing their particular costs and risks with the more expensive style being not accepted by market.

3- What functional changes would you recommend to Wally to enhance Obermeyer’s functionality?

Our advice to Wally are since following:

Minimizing the lot-size:

o Minimizing the lot-size will very increase Obermeyer flexibility in meeting the uncertain require. This will additional allow Obermeyer to produce portion of the demand in the beginning and then later on produce the remainder needed tosatisfy the demand once more info is available. This decrease can happen by purchasing workers training as it appears from the comparability between Cina and Hong Kong plants that the main big difference between the two is in the skills level of the employees.

Decreasing the lead coming back the material:

o Such business lead times of 45-90 days are generally not acceptable inside the fashion market. Obermeyer will need to look for ways to decrease these kinds of lead moments. A decreased business lead time is vital to improve Obermeyer ability to respond to the market requirements and enhance their re-active capability.

Increasing the re-active capacity:

o It could be best for Obermeyer to produce as much as possible from their development after they start to see the market effect. Thus elevating their reactive capacity will permit Obermeyer to take a position more intensely in models that are sought after and reduce their reduction in designs where the demand is lower than expected.

Increase Market information:

o Obermeyer performance very depends on the market reaction. As a result it is crucial intended for Obermeyer to become in touch with the consumer. Obermeyer needs to have more ways to get more information at the earliest possible time. This can be achieved by having more market research completed with lead users and more Obermeyer retail stores to have direct conversation with the actual customers.


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