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Nestle strategic management essay


Backdrop of the Case

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Nestle arrived at the Philippine as a trading company. These are the largest manufacturer and marketer of foods in the world whom merged with San Miguel Corporation. Nestle is the simply multinational enterprise that made coffee inside the Philippines without other foreign brand names created under permit. Nestle was also one of the most transitional organization in the world with billions of sales, assets and profits. Even though coffee usage in the Korea has increased twice so as industry share getting from 52% to 66%.

Their position available in the market has been increasing and slipping due to the constant entry of foreign competitor and the elevating production expense of raw materials.

Statement of the Issue

Over the past years, market share of Nestle regarding coffee products has been fluctuating due to the fresh entry of branded and non-branded products. Although Nescafe has a good brand name continue to the management is concern on how they will strategically keep and increase the performance of their product coming from a worldwide competitive universe.

Moreover, an increasing problem of Nescafe emerges in the entries of foreign investors who caters a lower price of their caffeine brand and are also aggressively contending with them in Filipino market.

Aims of the Case Study

The objectives of this study is always to know (1) what are the threats that affect Nestle’s pose available in the market and (2) the approaches and techniques to maintain an increased market share despite a worldwide competitive globe.


In 1905 Nestle was created after a merger between the Farine Lactee Henri Nestle Business and Anglo Swiss Dairy and was diversified into a wide range of products during the content war period. And in 1930’s, Nestle came to the Korea as a trading company becoming a member of San Miguel Corporation who was at time the largest machine in the country connected with different diversified products. Simply by venturing with San Miguel Corporation, Nestle had presented then 45 percent value share even though the rest sixty five percent was owned by Nestle AA of Switzerland. Nestle Switzerland was your largest manufacturer and marketer of food products in the world where it rated ninth based upon its property and 20 or so fifth within the sales. With regards to employment, Nestle ranked while tenth and was brand as the most transitional company in the world. Nestle Korea has generate and sold products from ice cream to tetra bunch juices, pastas and sauces, seasonings and dressings, goodies and acquire milks. Furthermore, they also sold Nescafe, Nestea, Milo, Espresso mate and other powdered dairy. Together, the products represented seventy five percent of Nestle Product sales. Meanwhile, Nescafe alone features represented forty five three percent of the office sales producing the Nestle Philippines rated tenth among Nestle subsidiaries worldwide and 3rd inside the Asia Pacific region. In early 1990’s the us government had tremendously liberalized the regulations on foreign immediate investment. The majority of FDI with sales directed to the home markets needed to be at least 40% Filipino Owned. Laws and regulations were change in 1992 where 100 % foreign ownership was allowed in most industrial sectors, thus, from suppliers distribution was opened to foreign buyers. Because if the smooth move from Chief executive Aquino to President Ramos in 1992, economic growth had begun to accelerate expecting to reach 7% in 1996 Nescafe was viewed as premium product yet a large number of people tend to shop in a store regardless of the price big difference 20% low cost. According your research that they have done its market was greatest in a small retailers, amongst this, market share was highest away from big cities Historically, Nescafe had been a significant producer of coffee inside the Philippines. In 1996, Nescafe commanded a 66 percent of the caffeine market inside the Philippines. Nescafe had a very secure image and became the household company when buying in a cafe. However , Wonderful Taste who was founded by Gokongwei Group and other manufacturers who were getting into in the market was offering a large discount above Nestle’s value has offered Nestle a loss of business from 75% in 1965, 60 per cent until

55% for the proceeding years. With this kind of, Nestle were required to reduce its price within just 5% of its competitors but still preserving the margins. This begins for Nestle to gain back its business. Prior to 1996, imports of coffee beans, processed coffee in bulk, and bundle coffee had been prohibited. Almost all coffee bought from the Philippines had to be produce in the Philippines And all espresso produced in the Philippines had to be made and grown inside the Philippines. However in January mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the situation got changed significantly. The Israel government had committed beneath GATT and WTO to remove many of the import prohibitions generally in agricultural items. Overtime the federal government had devoted to increase Lowest access volume (MAV), decrease tariff in imports inside MAV, and reduce tariff in import outside MAV. This has given Nestle a dilemma on facing a threat of imports especially that understanding of foreign company was very high in the Israel With the objective of Nestle of selling caffeine at best cost, size and taste in all of the segments of market, they have took a lot of initiatives to keep and reinforce their marketplace position. Essentially, Nestle by no means believed in price competition mainly because they can withstand others and maintain their location in the market through their good brand name and reputation.



Nestle is the greatest producer and marketer of food products with over 90 factories with the world. In addition , Nestle was named since transitional organization in the world. Furthermore, Nestle supplies quality brands and companies line extension cables that are popular, top-selling international brands. Weak point

They have significantly less customers as per research in few areas. They do not include direct marketplace outlets which is one of the weaknesses as it can trigger difference in profit made. Moreover, their very own weakness is usually not having enough raw materials production units; they rely upon either community raw material producers or perhaps through additional trade programs. Also, the branding and promotion of Nestle is definitely not extensive, therefore competition get opportunity to permeate in the market by simply fetching significant share of the market Options

Nestle’s some weakness of not having a direct wall socket can be modified as a possibility by launch of new direct outlets. Merging of Nestle with San Miguel Company, is an example of opportunity through this merging nestle may enter the new market, which can be easy because of the existing businesses.


Nestles threat is the fast developing international label of its competitors who are actually entering inside the coffee industry and are taking the fascination of consumers. This affects industry of Nestle since Nescafe struck like a local company and Filipinos are more likely to get this “imported mentality that prefer imported items than those of Filipino made. Another risk would be the increasing price of raw materials.


1 . Invest in Research and Development. Through R and d they can come up with a more innovative techniques on how to boost their products based on the needs and wants with their customers. installment payments on your Produce more effective promotions. This marketing strategy will assist Nestle to outwit their particular competitors and capture the heart of consumers. Promotion is one of the best ways to maintain the familiarity with their consumers on brands. Advertising can be nevertheless TV and Radio advertising, Print advertisements, social networking internet site and sampling of products to target customers.

3. Rehabilitation of facilities, industries and local farms. Since one of many factors that affect the business of Nestle is the lack of direct stores they might too invest in putting in more industries to provide customers upon outskirts spots. Local Facilities on the other hand will help produce more raw materials and can result to decrease their expense and improve profit.


On the substitute course of action offered, research and development stands as the greatest ranked between the alternatives. Investing with Exploration and

Development can guide Nestle to bring improvements and refurbishments of product that will let them have a competitive advantage above other overseas and home rivals. As they encounter a high level of competition especially in the throughout the world challenged environment. Any embrace the competitive environment may have an undesirable effect in their business, earnings and progress. Through competitive intelligence, the organization gain insight needed to produce a competitive benefit and develop strategic decisions on how to remain competitive against their rivals to take care of their placement as the top producer of food products. NI. CHANGE MANAGING

Once Nestle exercise the concluded option, they will in a position to deliver merchandise that would create value and appeal for their consumers. Restoration of existing product could keep their rate in the industry and may help them meet consumers’ targets. Innovation of goods on the other hand may help them maintain their placement in the market. They may able to reach and rise above what the consumers expect about the product. Through continuous restorations and innovations they will capable of rise and compete in a globally obstacle environment. VII. RECOMMENDATIONS:

Monitoring and considering their products and market consistently gives Nestle a clear eyesight of their market position and it will help them to shape an effective competition for taking advantage more than their competition and also to create a better brand image. Nestle can improve its profit margin further more by creating their own retail outlets, thus, guarantee availability of items to the hand reach in the customers. Alternatively, the cost of raw materials has been on a rise in the last few years which have caused a rise in the production costs. Local facilities that will develop their unprocessed trash will lessen their expense and hence, boost their profit.


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