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Social work antonio example case study

Social Inequality, Object Contact Theory, Interpersonal Work, Daycare

Excerpt via Case Study:

This prospects one to think that they are not very well away financially and the mother hasn’t real education in order to obtain employment since she is at present attaining administrative assistant training. Antonio even offers issues with managing his patterns when in the daycare environment, as he often has violent outbursts and crying means.

If 1 were to examine Antonio coming from an Eco-Feminist perspective one would be better in a position to understand Antonio and his present behavior. Ecofeminism is the sociable movement that regards the domination of women and characteristics as unified. It is are actually movements and analyses that in fact connect the two actions. Lately, ecofeminist theorists have got extended their analyses to reflect on the interconnections outfitted by sexism, the dominance, superiority of nature, and also racism and sociable dissimilarities (What is Ecofeminism, n. d. ). Daniel spent considerable time suppressing Hilda in his patterns that having been the man and she was the woman and what he said travelled. She was always trying to tip bottom around in everything that the girl did to be able to not disappointed him. He previously a very sexist attitude toward his along with this extensive affected Hilda and Antonio in the cultural inequalities that they can endured.

Part C

C2. What are for least two strengths and weakness of every of the key theories (systems, ecological, classical psychoanalytic, ego psychology, subject relations, and attachment) for less than standing Antonio’s case.

There are plenty of strengths and weakness of major sociological theories you can use to understand Antonio’s case. Strong points of the systems theory contain that it go further than presenting difficulty and probe in to other more sweeping issues and concerns and separate the worth of the interpersonal context, particularly the involvement of official and unofficial interpersonal systems. Weaknesses of this theory include that this can refute personal responsibility for transform and can maintain the status quo. The ecological theory takes traditions into consideration and treats the internal and exterior environment since mutually interdependent, but it is thought to be wide-ranging and hard to study and verify. The classical psychoanalytic theory has received some experimental support in definite regions, including oppression and obsession. It also has had big explanatory electrical power and features something to express on an tremendous assortment of issues. Weaknesses with this theory are that this has been accuse of being undeniable and thus hypothetically unscientific and it has been thought about as unscientific for the reason that this individual founded his theory about studying a great irregular section of people. In the ego psychology theory focuses on that a lot of mental functions can be scored to be simple and recognizes defenses since artificial capabilities that safeguard the mindful mind by alertness of forbidden desires and thoughts. Weaknesses include that it is as well narrowly dedicated to individual pathology and does not completely deal with the impact of the interpersonal environment. The thing relations theory stresses interpersonal relations, above all in the along with particularly among mother and child and proposes the remains of past relationships affect a person in the present. The weaknesses are that the theory looks at people in a clinical establishing as opposed to an all natural environment and clients often influenced simply by social staff member perceptions. The attachment theory has practical appeal and observes people in their surrounding but it is located upon mother nature vs . nurture and is based on behaviors that occur during momentary separations rather than during non-stressful conditions (Goldstein, 2001).


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