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Christianity and business article

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September 06, 2014

Business and Religion

IPS Integration Essay

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Incorporating a Christian Worldview


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EDU 400-001

summer August 2014

Business and Religion Synthesis:

Incorporating a Christian Worldview

Incorporating a more Christian worldview would be typically beneficial to a range of careers as such a perspective can help guide all endeavors along a more moralistic path. The final decade possibly even has brought all of us some of the most incredible corporate scams that the human race has ever before known. These were scandals which crippled the economy and which will brought area to lots of amounts of financial struggle and unhappiness. To this day, the government and businesses are even now working manically hard to dig the nation out of the completely harmful great downturn. The more all of us understand how these kinds of corporate scams were began and empowered in the first place, the better well prepared we are in avoiding them later on. These company scandals can be best realized by 1Timothy 6: 10 which talks of avarice as his passion of money: “For the love involving is a reason for all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, include wandered through the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (NIV). Greed, as identified by the love of money, was what was responsible for the corporate scandals in the last a decade and induced the nation along with those engaged in such greed, with tremendous tremendous grief and a multitude of grief. Preventing greed through preventing the love of money in the commercial world is among the most important desired goals when it comes to preventing another company scandal.

The Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme was one of the biggest corporate scandals of the 2000s and it demonstrated that greed not only got no range, but that it could be genuinely catastrophic, destroying even those closest towards the Madoff friends and family. The Madoff pyramid scheme crashed the brand new York stock market, a opening that the entire nation is intending to recover by. The devastation that was waged for the Madoff family members was tragic, again showing the world that greed would even go after its own. The Madoff pyramid scheme is a cautionary tale in business, one which reveals the world how greed can be described as manifestation of evil, and exactly how evil will triumph when good persons do nothing. Very much mystique has surrounded Bernie Madoff considering that the scandal occurred and many have seen that greed is in fact a tremendously devastating force. Therefore when people inquire, who is Bernie Madoff? “An easy answer is that Mister. Madoff was obviously a charlatan of epic amounts, a carried away manipulator so hungry to build up wealth that he would not care to whom he harm to obtain what this individual wanted” (Creswell & Thomas). An study of Madoff’s approach does present that while motivated by greed he was extremely calculating. Experts have documented that back when his illegitimate business practices commenced; Madoff experienced spent enough time in Wa. This was tactical: he wished to get close to regulators. Together individual discussed, “He [Madoff] was clever in understanding very early on that the more engaged you had been with regulators, you could condition regulation… But , if we find out that the Ponzi scheme dates back that significantly, then having been doing some thing much smarter. If you’re very close with government bodies, they’re not going be looking over shoulders that much” (Creswell & Thomas).

One more devastating aspect of greed which in turn demonstrates the obligation of good people to prevent such greed of epic ratios is that it could apparently can be found without embarrassment. Without sorrow there is no wish for change. Madoff has gone around the record numerous times coming from prison, saying “‘F- my victims, I actually carried them for 20 years” (King). What’s impressive about this particular lack of remorse is that Madoff should at least be cognizant to the fact that his actions caused the death of two young men. One of Madoff’s sons, Tag Madoff, committed suicide and the son of Madoff’s curator also wiped out himself (Cornwell). While one could argue that Madoff is only in charge of his individual actions, the fact isn’t and so simple. The tragedies of such suicides really demonstrate that greed can be absolutely damaging. The love of money can be so all-encompassing that this can take lives-even young lives and blameless lives. Madoff’s love pounds was thus invasive and pronounced that he offered no thought that he would at any time be caught, and what such effects would mean to get his family members.

Since avarice is so highly effective and so destroying, and as 1Timothy 6: 15 explains, and truly triggers so much grief, near and far, it is up to good individuals to regulate greed, to prevent avarice from turning out to be all encompassing. When it comes to the ethical failure of firms in business, it can be up to great businessmen and ladies to be informed on the distinguishing signs of these kinds of changes. Relating to Marianne Jennings, author of the publication “The Eight Signs of Ethical Collapse: How to Spot Moral Meltdowns in Corporations” the first sign is definitely an impractical pressure to take care of “those amounts. ” As Jennings talks about, all companies will put in a certain amount of pressure on their workers to maintain a specific level of brilliance. “But through this first sign of a tradition risk for ethical collapse, there is not just a give attention to numbers and results but an unreasonable and unrealistic passion with conference quantitative desired goals. ‘Meet all those numbers! ‘ is the mantra” (Jennings, 17). This makes a workplace environment of traditions and dread, and places undue pressure on workers to “meet the numbers” at any price. Ethically audio men and women in the business world need to be highly aware of this kind of environment mainly because it sets the stage for illegitimate actions.

Ethical organization practices have to encourage obvious communication. When a culture of greed is known as a culture which will specializes in his passion of money, then this tradition often does not want to hear “bad news” or even dissent. The second indication of an ethical collapse is one of dread and stop (Jennings, 59). Unethical procedures simply cannot are present if individuals are consistently objecting to them (Jennings, 59). Ethically sound businessmen and ladies have an requirement to create a lifestyle of interaction, and a place where personnel feel obligated and pleasant to thing to skewed business procedures. “Fear, quiet and sycophancy” creates a feeling of invincibility and that all is definitely permissible, which sets elegance stage intended for ethical failure. Morally appear business pros have an requirement to prevent this culture of silence and blind arrangement from developing.

Part of the energetic of protecting against ethical collapse in corporations is immediately connected to the folks who inhabit the corporation: ethically sound professionals must make sure that there is a healthy balance of individuals who all have solid moral compasses inhabit the company. When a corporation is filled with Entrepreneurs who will be iconic mass media personalities and are also motivated by simply money and who are around themselves with young, sycophantic enablers, the corporation is often placing itself up for immoral actions in the name of greed (Jennings, 98). Furthermore, the employees who encircle such a CEO won’t be able to all be fresh professionals whom lack the wisdom or experience to question the morality of the CEO’s activities (Jennings, 98). When it comes to an employee team, generally there needs to be a wholesome melee of age and knowledge in order to ensure that the organization can be self-regulating.

One more sign of imminent ethical collapse that business people with good practices need to be mindful of is the some weakness or durability of the exec board. “The boards of companies in danger for ethical collapse happen to be weak and ineffectual” (Jennings, 137). Boards can be fragile for a selection of reasons-some are filled with good friends or family of the company and thus hardly ever like to dissent. Others have got intense clashes of interest, while others are weakened because of inexperience (Jennings, 137). If a morally sound business person realizes that they’re working in a company with a great ineffectual panel, steps need to be taken immediately to correct it. This qualified prospects immediately to the next sign of ethical failure, which is there are inherent conflicts in the workers hired. Most companies heading down the path of ethical collapse often practice extreme nepotism with lots of back-scratching (Jennings, 177). Thus, questions about what to accomplish or how you can run everything is no longer by what is ethical sound or legal, but you may be wondering what is mutually beneficial for all the players involved. This as well readily pieces the stage for extreme greed, which will as shown creates a number of tremendous grief. A company can not be expected to only be regulated coming from outside auditors or the authorities: they need to have internal constructions for legislation, factors a skilled entrepreneur should be able to impart.

In conclusion, avarice is like an illness which can infest an organization, making the quest for the love involving to have primacy over all more. Unfortunately

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