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Social diversity in afghanistan essay

Afghanistan is a great Islamic region. It is broken into different locations where persons manifest their own culture and beliefs. Nevertheless Afghans live in same country however they used different cultures because of their regions’ location and tradition. Precisely what is applied to a specific region of Afghanistan is probably not applicable to the other areas of the country. This may only show that there is a cultural variety amongst parts of Afghanistan. Furthermore, Afghanistan is situated in south-central Asia. The encyclopedia of Islam stated that:

Afghanistan has borne that name only since the core 18th century, when the supremacy of the Blanket race (Pashtuns) became confident: previously various districts lose interest distinct appellations, but the country was not a particular political device, and its aspect parts were not bound jointly by virtually any identity of race or language.

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The sooner meaning with the word was simply “the land from the Afghans, a small territory which usually did not consist of many regions of the present state but did comprise large districts right now either independent or inside the boundary of Pakistan (see “Afghanistan.

Wikipedia, the free of charge encyclopedia. The fall of 15, 2006). The northern part of the country is surrounded by the Soviet Union and the northeast; it is surrounded by China and tiawan and Kashmir, on the western world side can be bordered by Iran and the east and southern it is surrounded by Pakistan. Every citizen of the region is called because Afghan though the country is composed of various cultural groups. One of those ethnic groups is the Pashtun (it is also be spelled as Pakhtun, Pathan, Pushtun, and Pukhtun) which makes up about 62 percent in the population.

They may be from the White origin and dwelt in Afghanistan in not less than you, 3000 12 months. Normally, they can be recognized and acknowledged as the “true Afghans. Pashtuns will be separated in numerous tribes and sub-tribes, followed an ancient code of conduct referred to as as Pashtunwali. The second many populated group is the Tajik, who were likewise come from the Black origin (see “Afghanistan. New Standard Encyclopedia. Volume 1, Pp. A-91, A-93, 94). The intention of this daily news is to describe the different nationalities in Afghanistan.

II. Discussion As I include mentioned before, there are two ethnic groups who dwelt in Afghanistan. These organizations practiced different cultures. Moreover, different nationalities are used in Afghanistan because there are several ethnic groups that are more compact in number who are scattered over the country. Nuristanis is another cultural group of Afghnistan. They dwell in the secluded mountains from the northeast of Kabul, near to the Pakistan boundary. The Nuristanis claimed that they will be the descendants of Alexander the Great.

Before they were converted into Islam, Nuristanis had figurine of wood made idols and ancestral images sculpted by them and these are well-preserved in the Kabul Museum. Some were perhaps used to venerate dead ancestors and used in healing rituals or ceremonials (see “Other Minority Cultural Groups in Afghanistan. 2002). Moreover, existence in the Blanket home is usually upholding substantial values because they actually defined the roles from the men and women. These types of roles are incredibly different from virtually any culture around the globe.

The women’s lives only revolve within their home and to their children; thus, this practice is in range with their Muslim beliefs. Starting from late 1950s, the urban girls that belonged within a well-off friends and family were in order to find their particular work not even close to their homeland and had opportunity to study on higher education. But these privileges were not enjoyed simply by all girls because women who dwelt in the rural areas or amidst nomadic people are not offered these opportunities. Everyday, Bedcover women supply their families with two foods, together with snacks.

Their classic meals are pilau that has meat or perhaps vegetables, chicken or outrageous game kebabas, mutton, fat free yogurt, hot soup and nan which a flat bread. Additionally , Afghan has different ways after they engage in marital life. A man and a woman will be united in marriage with an agreement made by both parents by settling financial commitments or also called as the “marketplace or “dowry. Inside their culture, marital life is considered like a deal between families not merely by persons and it provides financial commitments on both equally families. The groom will offer a dowry to the family of the star of the wedding.

The dowry comprises of decorative and functional items that are essential for establishing a household. That comprises goods like beddings, utensils, apparel, jewelry, supporters and hangings. The men whom attend the weddings get presents just like embroidered handkerchiefs or turban caps. The task in building a dowry involves a long period of time and far effort in fact it is usually started while the woman is still fresh. The relatives of the females help in the wedding preparations (see “Afghanistan). 3. Conclusion Really, the nationalities in Afghanistan are unique.

Afghan ladies are just like precious stones since they are well considered care by their parents. During in their young years, father and mother set a great arrange matrimony for their girl and ask to get a dowry to the male’s part. References 1 ) “Afghanistan. Fresh Standard Encyclopedia. Volume you, Pp. A-91, A-93, 94. 2 . “Other Minority Cultural Groups in Afghanistan. 2002. http://www. afghan- network. net/Ethnic-Groups/other-groups. html a few. “Afghanistan. http://146. 186. 96. 23/mat_mus/Tour/t_afghan. htm 4. “Afghanistan. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. November 15, 2006. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Afghanistan#_note-4


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