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In my opinion, Of Mice and Men can be interpreted in three main levels. Around the surface, costly entertaining story detailing misjudgment and how two men strive to obtain their particular dream. It may also be viewed as a critique of 1930’s America. However , there is a more deeply meaning for the novella, because parallels could be drawn between situations portrayed within the novella and stories from the holy book, and the storia could be viewed as a story regarding the fortune of person in a dropped world.

These kinds of three levels intertwine, and on some occasions complement one another, for example initial sin plus the Wall Street crash. To answer the question, it is necessary to conclude all of the backlinks to religion, and to determine whether this was the main reason of writing.

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The first parallel with a religious idea may be drawn involving the two primary characters, George and Lennie, and Cain and Abel, from the book of Genesis. When the book starts, the 2 main heroes are forced to escape from their earlier occupation after Lennie “raped a girl.

This echoes the fact that Cain needs to be a “fugitive and a vagabond in the earth after he gets rid of Abel. (King James Bible- authorised edition). This is even more emphasised in the bible since Cain, “went out from the occurrence of the Lord, meaning he was cast out, as were the two protagonists of the new.

John Steinbeck raises a spiritual point with the relationship among George and Lennie is likewise shown because Cain, “shalt rule above him (Abel), which is similar to the fact that, in the book, George is provided as the more intelligent with the pair, and is also obviously the best. A major idea in the holy bible is co-existence, and the two main protagonists show this. Each provides different qualities, and advantages, and each must combine to survive. George protests that existence would be less difficult without Lennie, but in actuality he demands Lennie like a friend. Steinbeck also features the same issue as Cain, in Genesis chapter 5 of the scriptures, “Am My spouse and i my brother’s keeper?  by having a dominant persona looking after a subservient leading part. Steinbeck shows that the attitude of Cain in the genesis story, “Am I my own brother’s keeper, has become universal.

All of the ranch workers are shocked and suspicious by way of a partnership, “Ain’t many men travel around together. Steinbeck interprets this as part of the meaning of the biblical story, and the curse of Cain; distrust. This communication interlinks with the criticism of 1930’s America as, on the basic level, the truth everyone is suspicious of George and Lennie exploring together is definitely linked to the major depression, and the pessimism caused by this. The two main protagonists that reflect this are Criminals and Curley’s wife, who also detail the stratified world, and the truth the fantasy is not open to everyone, another criticism of American contemporary society. A second seite an seite from this passageway is the bane that, “every one that findeth me (Cain) shall slay me, which usually resembles the simple fact that, anytime George and Lennie discover a ranch, they are really cast away.

The Wall Street Crash and subsequent despression symptoms also echoes the “original sin, inside the Garden of Eden story. Original sin is a Christian belief that there is a problem in our character. God produced us, yet we do not constantly think objectively or unemotionally, emotionlessly about others, and we work with people to fit our self-centered needs. It is not our mistake that we have these types of defects, however we have all of them non-etheless. Inside the novella, this is represented as it is not George and Lennie’s fault they may have lost their money, yet it really is they who may have to move coming from ranch to ranch in search of work. In the Genesis story, the descendants of Cain are detested by others, much because Lennie and George are, yet the rejeton have done absolutely nothing wrong. Their very own fate is usually beyond their particular control, which is the concept of first sin. The title reflects this message; it is a phrase from a composition by Robert Burns, which will emphasises the futility of human effort. “The finest laid strategies of Rats and Men¦leave us nought but sadness and pain.

One of the essential themes in the novella, the American dream, also has religious implications. Lennie wants to, “live off the fatta’ the land, which is exploiting God’s creation, just as Mandsperson and Event exploited The lord’s Garden of Eden inside the bible. As well, in the passing in Genesis chapter 4, Cain can be cursed, “When thou tillest the land, it shall not henceforth deliver unto her your strength. This bane is the opposing of the American dream, which is so appealing to Lennie and George. This kind of aspiration may be a metaphor for bliss, and then the failure of Lennie and George to get this farm building is linked to the inability of man to achieve this goal after the Curse of Cain. Steinbeck is talking about the fact it will not always be possible to get at heaven from this fallen universe, after the bane of Cain, we are all tarnished.

Structurally, Of Mice and Men actually resembles a bible account. It is moderately short and has a ethical, drawn from it, that the, “best laid techniques of rodents and men (often go awry), leaving clues at the impracticality of attaining the dream of Lennie and George.

However , the dream of both the main protagonists can be interpreted in another approach, as breaking free of the fantastic depression plus the downward nature of items at the time. This kind of fact is in keeping with the novella being a criticism, and is reflected in the cyclical nature of the book, as well as the way that the whole publication has a identical structure. Every single chapter depends on “light, and this represents the hope of George and Lennie aiming to break the cycle. The message of hope could have appealed to the working school affected by the depression, plus the religious implications would have added to its success, as a result of pious nature of the open public at the time.

The refuge which George teaches Lennie to attend can be regarded as a religious haven, it is a place where Lennie can go in times of trouble. Linked to this is the way John Steinbeck explains the environment of Soledad. There are a better number of methods used by Steinbeck when he is usually describing the settings, showcasing the efficiency of these places.

This is especially true with the first web page, and the description of the farm itself. Steinbeck uses personification, “recumbent limbs, and the present tense, “the water is usually warm too, to emphasise the timeless character, and the fact that this place is not subject to change. This, “perfect landscape can then be compared to the Yard of Eden in the creation story, as well as the fact that in the event God created it, it must be perfect. This kind of impression is further verified by the way the hill-side is described as a haven of safety, faraway from man. Yet , man is intruding with this scene, and destroying the landscape, which can be reminiscent of mans fall coming from grace, plus the curse of Cain. As well, the fact that death takes place here, in this idyllic establishing, shows the abuse of the God-given area, by human being influence.

Temptations is a significant theme with this book, just as it is inside the bible. From this novella, temptation is represented by females, specifically Curley’s wife, and all of the women in the novella are disreputable, “cathouse. They symbolize the apple in the creation story, because they try to lure George in being fired, thus doing damage to the desire. Curley’s better half wears a red gown which is a mention of the a “scarlet woman, and, in the bible, the, “whore of Babylon. The, “water snake that is, “plucked, at the end of the storia represents the evil influence on the creation story, in the Garden of Eden. In Of Rats and Guys, this nasty influence can be women, however in the holy bible, it is the apple. Steinbeck also criticises American Society at that time, by not giving Curley’s wife a primary name. This will make it seem that she is the home of Curley, rather than herself, and sexism was a major problem at the time of Steinbeck writing.

The ultimate religious parallel is that of George killing Lennie for Lennie’s good. This selfless work could be representative of Jesus declining for Christians. There is also the fact that George and Lennie’s stay in the ranch held up three days, and that is a reference to Jesus’ rising. Christ tried to reverse the inevitability of Cain’s curse simply by sacrificing himself- just as Lennie is sacrificed for the sake of the dream.

Of Mice and men an important event religious type, as it mirrors parts of the bible, and it is possible to view where David Steinbeck acquired his creativity from. He even had written a new called, “East of Eden, which is a estimate from genesis chapter several. I believe regarding mice and men was written to detail the unemployed of guy after the bane of Cain, as is displayed in the scriptures, and that the key religious motif is co-existence, symbolised simply by Lennie and George. That is not mean, yet , that Of Mice and Guys is not only a criticism of 1930’s America, he criticises the hurtful views and sexist mother nature that existed at that time. Both the aims of faith and critique combine to form a successful novella that states like a bible story, and is interpreted about many different amounts.

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