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Sentencing Alternatives: Prison, Probation, Fines, and Community Service Essay

Inside the recent years, usage of other alternative options of phrases apart from incarceration is being advocated in United states of america and Canada among different countries as a method of resolving the issue of blockage in prisons. Therefore , usage of alternative sentencing will help in stabilizing the prison masse. Criminal sentencing should help in punishing and rehabilitating the criminal offenders so as to prevent them by taking part in criminal activities again in the future.

Yet , the prisons tend to focus more in punishing the offenders rather than rehabilitating them so as to change their actions. This cause has made the alternative sentencing options to be advocated so as to assist in rehabilitating these offenders.

Some alternative sentencing options which include the punishments which are reasonably innovative, requires requiring the offenders to be at home beneath the house police arrest, attending alcoholic beverages or drug treatment program, educating classes or perhaps giving classes concerning dangers of the criminal behavior, participating in the weekend jail time, and installing the breathalyzer devices in personal cars, thus, ensuring that basically only start off when the offenders are not under alcohol influence(Sentencing Alternatives: Jail, Probation, Penalties, and Community Service, 2014). This sort of sentencing choices have many useful implications including reducing the populations inside the prisons, financial savings and efficiency among other implications.

Faith also condemns all manner of criminal evils that are carried out by the offenders. In line with the Christianity, the bible obviously explains numerous evils and also ways of removing from carrying out those legal activities. In accordance to Matt 15-18, it shows just how God is unhappy by simply those who devote the legal activities.

This states that out of the heart there comes the adultery, fraud, murder, slander, sexual immorality and phony testimony. All these evils generate a person be soiled. American contemporary society is usually identified to be built on principles of Judeo- Christian.

Torah does not endorse for the prisons and for that reason it perceives the alternative selection of sentencing to be the ideal means of punishing and deterring the offenders via committing this kind of criminal actions again (Lipskar, 2014). Possibly in the Holy bible the offenders even those who committed murder were not imprisoned. For instance, in the land of Israel those offenders whom committed tough were usually sent to the cities of refuge designed for isolation, but for atonement uses (Miller, 2005).

In conclusion, the punishments of the criminal justice system really should have positive results to benefit all of the involved functions comprising in the victim, perpetrator and the society in general. Imprisonment does not serve the meant functions as a result it does not advantage the subjects. Prisons ruins families, prevents the potential of the offenders, bread of dogs anger, bitterness, insensitivity as well as the eventual recidivism (Sentencing Choices, 2014).

Therefore , ground breaking and alternate sentencing should be adopted as a method of resolving all these problems which end result due to the traditional sentencing. Sources Lipskar, L. S. (n. d. ). Issues in Jewish Values: A Torah Perspective upon Incarceration as a Modality of Punishment and Rehabilitation. A Torah Point of view on Incarceration as a Technique of Consequence and Rehab. Retrieved Sept. 2010 11, 2014, from Miller, G. (n. g. ). For what reason can’t Our god just reduce sin, instead of demanding proper rights?.

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