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Sealed air organization hbs 9 582 103 case

1 ) What are the problems?

Market leadership and technology have marked Sealed Air’s participation inside the U. H. protective the labels market. A lot of small regional producers have got introduced goods, which are ineffectve than Sealed Air’s although similar in appearance and more affordable. The company must determine its response to this new competition. The corporation is faced with a difficult range of choosing from a range of feasible choices ranging from doing nothing to presenting a new product. This has raised product line management issues, specifically cannibalization, and affords the ability for the development of a marketing arrange for any new product introduction.

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The timing of launch and any change in policies pertaining to Air Cap cushioning and Sealed Air’s other items also would have to be communicated.

2 . What continues to be happening through this market? How is SOCIAL FEAR doing?


The defensive packaging industry had three major employ segments:

Placement, blocking, and bracing ” e. g. shipment of motors, pc peripherals and so forth

Flexible Wraps ” could possibly be used while void fill up also, electronic.

g. glassware, small replacement components, light medical instruments etc .

Void Complete ” to prevent movement during shipping, would not generally meet the criteria as flexible wraps.


Till 70 heavy paper-based products acquired dominated the industry. In the seventies companies started out product development with an assessment of packagers’ needs. Additionally to covered and uncoated polyethylene surroundings bubbles there were two major competitors in these markets: paper basedproducts and foams.


The growth of the labels products and the possible lack of easily demonstrable universal brilliance caused confusion among the end users. Users had been a different lot ” some obtaining on price/performance basis although the others with purchase office mentality deemed price every square foot and delivery before any purchase decision.


Depending on domain knowledge Hauser suspected that a packaging engineer motivated about forty percent of the material purchase decisions. The additional group of program would be the obtain department as mentioned above.

Marketwise Functionality of Sealed Air

The US Market ” Packaging Supplies were considered as productive, cost saving reference. Sealed Surroundings had stored most of the atmosphere bubble industry (20% of Flexible cover market). Key factors becoming:

Patent safety.

Licensing of only one competitor (Astro Packaging)

Extensive Market Education

The European Market ” Product packaging supplies had been viewed as expendable commodities. SA was the simply company advertising coated products in these countries.

England ” SA acquired developed the industry and had great distribution however the uncoated producers were chipping away at SA’s market share (likely to get rid of 50% business to uncoated manufacturers).

England ” SOCIAL FEAR owned SIBCO (uncoated mfr. ) and was facing competition in uncoated goods (price below Air Cap) from a couple of other manufacturers (one using a superior development facility). Market was moving gradually toward uncoated products.

Germany ” SA was obviously a late entrant and could never establish on its own as a strong player. It absolutely was losing business rapidly (20-30% per year) to the more effective manufacturers.

three or more. Should SA introduce an uncoated product to compete with GAFCEL and the incipient competition from other little U. S. producers and Sansetsu?

Yes, it should present an uncoated product to compete with GAFCEL (Appropriate Parallels have been sketched with the European Market plus the same is detailed below). The primary reasons being

Toward off the risks from the uncoated manufacturers.

The uncoated bubble market is nonetheless in its flourishing stage and it would be simpler to catch up with the competition.

Several of Surroundings Cap’s distributors were currently taking GAFCEL’s range.

The New York Metropolitan market was a lot like European Market (detailed within the next bullet) with no customer and distributor loyalty and price being a key determinant.

Buyers in the Euro market favored uncoated presentation and had been price very sensitive as they considered packaging materials as ‘expendable commodities’. Right here market share of Sealed Air flow was 22% and declining.

The learning from this endeavor can be used in the Euro markets.

GAFCEL not only competed on cost basis nevertheless also about quality (quote ‘¦. madea “decent product in Hauser’s estimation’). SA could influence its good quality production features. Another relevant parallel can be ” In Germany and France uncoated manufacturers with better production facilities were eating into SA’s business.

The other option of minimizing price or perhaps distributor’s margin (to match GAFCEL’s offering) may have a detrimental impact on the bottom line.

Supplier Truckload Cost 3/16 in in

GAFCEL $31. 63 $36. 03

Atmosphere Cap $43. 50 $65. 35

In cases like this we have taken the lowest price made available from Air Seal.

SA can also consider going into the food presentation industry.

4. If therefore , what program would you recommend for uncoated?

Product/price specs

It should release uncoated products matching SO-22 (3/16in) and LO-22 (1/2in) offerings of GAFCEL. It will further kick off a product in the 5/16in category so that it episodes its rivals from almost all fronts and could also help out with capturing any untapped marketplace potential.

3/16 in ($) 5/16 in ($) 1/2 in ($)

Distributor Truck Load 35. 5 32. 5 thirty-five

SA Buck Margin 11. 5 12. 5 18

Brand recognition

These products needs to be marketed under the umbrella label of SA. But an identity distinct from Atmosphere Cap should be created. Since like the Euro markets, Nyc metropolitan market segments considered cost as a main factor the issue of cannibalization and harmful effect of the uncoated goods on SA’s existing goods do not arise (catering to different buyer groups).

Direct Sales system

In case of truckload / railcar orders by end users SOCIAL FEAR can straight ship the fabric from the herb at Nj-new jersey and give a margin of 8 % to the supplier (handling user credit and technical service in turn). In all additional cases product sales would come about through marketers.

Selling Efforts

The prevalent programs in SA for training the sales employees and its motivation schemes (Base salary +1. 5% commission payment etc . ) should be continuing with since this has produced rich payouts and the sales force of SA have a formidable picture of being the very best in terms of item knowledge and so forth The uncoated products will however not really require a huge selling work as cost is the main consideration. New product sales personnel needs to be recruited.

Geographic markets

SA should initial test-launch usana products in Nyc Metropolitan marketplace (here the consumers are more price mindful and look for an inexpensive product together with the same top quality ” a favorable ground to get the release of the uncoated products). With the consumers in other market segments of US observing packaging materials as productive, cost conserving resource; covered packaging must be continued in these markets.

Distributor program

To get the uncoated products it may abandon their policy of selective division only for the uncoated item and make the product readily available inas various centers as possible.


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