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Jensen shoes company essay

Company management requires to know the opportunities for new markets and new products, necessitating the need to grow product lines from this process, Janes Karvitz, tactical production used Lyndon in her group and now facing problem with his attitude at the job and trying to motivate him to finish his assigned work About business and employee designations:

Jensen Shoes is an American company which is specializing in athletic and everyday shoes pertaining to both adults and children The hierarchy of the personnel is as employs:

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Sally Briggs-VP of marketing

Chuck Taylor ” Director of Strategic advertising

(Strategic merchandise managers) Jane Kravitz- everyday wear; Kyle-athletic shoes; Robert ” kids shoes

Lyndon “staff

Patty Russell: HR specialist

Present condition of the business:

About Lyndon and Jane Kravitz:

¢ Lyndon Twitchell, an employee member in Jane’s crew, and was handed two tactical objectives (s.

um. ‘s) to complete my spouse and i. e Latino and Dark-colored market. ¢ In addition to it, having been assigned a 3rd project in environmental problems at the same time.

¢ Lyndon has not been capable of fulfil his strategic aims under Chuck while he was in a management position. ¢ After been transferred to Jane’s team, he tried to have a week to fly towards the west coastline and attend a transact show. ¢ Twitchell and Jane found an agreement that Twitchell would be responsible for only 1 strategic objective and they fixed a contract to record precisely the same.

Problem identification and In-text analysis:

Pre-assumptions by Kravitz and their effect on her behavior: The case mirrored the fact that Janes used Lyndon in her team and now facing problem with his attitude at work. Karvitz had been informed simply by Chuck that Lyndon is a guy who may be difficult to deal with in terms of function, This compares to the interpersonal information finalizing model, in which people undertake attitudes and behaviours in line with the cues provided by others with who they come in contact. With this recognized information, your woman pre thought that the girl can motivate and put him in to work, because she though Chuck is speedy at determining and so did not actually approved the fact.

The pre assumption brought within Janes behavior and attitude towards Lyndon Brook. She, thinking that providing moral support can actually inspire Lyndon. Apart from this, she individually experienced dealing with Lyndon and realized, this individual has many wonderful qualities penalized professional, charming and the capacity of solving challenges. This extra care that Jane took, may be the cause Lyndon required advantage and planned a company.

A pictorial SWOT research has been shown under:


Benefit employees same as products

Open door policy


Inappropriate task allowance

Out of control behaviour of employees

Low product varieties


New markets

New client preferences


Straightening sales of casual have on

Competition from other folks in marketplace

Communication obstacles:

In case it had been mentioned that, Lyndon was rude to his manager. When Kravitz called Lyndon to her vacation cabin to have a formal talk, this individual left abruptly without even supplying proper answer to Kravitz. Lyndon here do a picky screening. This individual did not take the time what Kravitz is actually aiming to communicate. He spoke precisely what he wanted to and kept the vacation cabin. Kravitz analysed this actions of Lyndon is due to the fact of job development desire, once before in a position under Chuck. Therefore , she promised Lyndon, that she will consult with the supervision to offer him a better situation. This for some reason created a very little chance to talk to Lyndon. She even designed informal satisfies to make convenience for Lyndon.

Performance Administration: feedback

Lyndon performance was analysed simply by Chuck recently. And he remarked bad on his behaviour. Lyndon truly performed superb in couple of his projects assigned. He did not make out most of them great. Chuck might be focusing on just unfinished assignments while considering Lyndon’s performance. Also staying quick decision maker, he might not in fact try to determine the problem of Lyndon. This might be impacted Lyndon in a negative approach, that he was mistreated by simply his employer and remarked bad just before all other colleagues. And thus accounts for00 his capacity the words and suggestions simply by Kravitz, sense that he may anyways become not accepted for his work.

Alternatives or possible solutions:

The first alternative is to avoid pre presumptions. Kravitz would not have supplied special treatment only to brook, which this individual in turn realized it. This individual thought that having been treated separately distinguishing from the other staff could be due to the adverse image this individual has. Therefore , it would had been much comfortable even to Lyndon, once considered evenly with the outstanding two people. This can bring him the feel of normalness although working. An important part from this Kravitz should not comply with projection method by anticipating the same she gets at her work coming from her personnel. The second alternate can be through the side of Lyndon. Lyndon should not possess self-serving biasness. He is actually not acknowledging the internal errors but more than estimating the external factors he was being influenced. This kind of made him to deny the responsibility of finishing the so’s in time and even about to a trip in unsuitable instances.


The above mentioned alternatives can be looked at when Karvitz did not illustrate fundamental attribution error. Your woman can motivate Lyndon pertaining to his finished works and recognize him for the best results. She can give continuous encouragement so that the lady can obtain the desired conduct quickly possible. Lyndon also need to inculcate self-efficacy and try to help Karvitz in finishing the s. u. ‘s over time. He should certainly avoid the negative thoughts of more than burdening and further works and become enthusiastic in finishing his job. The next recommendation to be able to improve the situation is that the administration must be genuine in allocating work to employees and Jane Kravitz must be strong enough to never accept a work if the girl found this very unrealistic and difficult to finish.

Too high self-esteem can be counter-intuitive at times. While throwing birthday functions is fine, constant reinforcement through extrinsic rewards and recognitions of the operate been accomplished by employees can be more motivating. Experimentation may be made applying negative support, when positive reinforcement fails to work. The worry of dropping job can easily increase the likelihood of desirable behavior.

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