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Businesses management at holly farm building essay

1 ) Introduction

This consultancy survey is ready for Holly Farm to be able to improve future business. In the second component to this statement; ‘Evaluation of Current Businesses and Gillian’s Business Strategy’ and ‘Conclusion’, Holly Farm’s operations will be critically evaluated in the element of current and future potential capacity constraints and some other operational problems. Also, I will discuss the feasibility of Gillian Giles’ strategy for the organization there. In the last part; ‘Recommendations and Action Plan’, I will show a suggested alternative technique for the business as well as some solutions for alleviating their constraints.

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2 . Evaluation of Current Operations and Gillian’s Business Strategy

installment payments on your 1 Gillian’s Aims and Objectives

installment payments on your 1 . 1 Sales Prediction

According to Gillian’s forecasts, while there will probably be an increase in farmshop sales by 50%, there will be a decline in price tag shops revenue by 13. 3% in 2004 (Table 1). However , these forecasts are less likely to become a reality. Firstly, it is retail outlets sales has increased by 73% on average of every year, as well as its farm shop product sales has increased simply by 28% typically each year to get the latest five years.

It may be silly that the lady dramatically adjustments these recent growth developments on her prediction without any factors that could impact on both channels.

Secondly, because the ice cream marketplace in the UK is definitely mature and stable (Table 2), immediate changes of previous trend hardly happen excepting getting into strong new players in the region, spoiling the farm’s reputation very and trading tremendously on the marketing for its farm shop. In addition, in terms of Holly Farm’s taking care of on its farm visitors, this abrupt change with the number of visitors could lead to collapses of its businesses. These factors discussed previously mentioned clearly show that Gillian’s demand forecast is not really reliable. Hence, they have to prediction in the various other way.

2 . 1 . two Line File format

Gillian would like to increase the quantity of ice cream flavours from four to five. However , this line extendable can cause this problems.

To begin with, many products of comparatively lower demand items would be abolished due to their expiration date ranges. In 1999, ice Cream Alliance published the date of top ten ice cream flavour in the united kingdom in 1998 (Table 3). I can assume that, when ever Holly Farm produced many of these ten things, the talk about of each item in their goods would be the same as the market stocks of each taste ice cream in all of market. The products that total demands are less than you, 516 litres per annum, hence below the 4th position, must not be produced since it is obvious the fact that items will be abolished because of their expiration dates (Table 4, Calculation 1). Moreover, when it comes to retail sales, the minimal annual demand for each item is several, 035 lt (Calculation 1).

Secondly, as well major in the raw materials will be thrown away ahead of they are used. Since the intervals that are necessary raw materials being completed to employ are for a longer time than optimum storage moments allowed, also strawberry taste for blood; 2nd item and chocolates flavour to get chocolate; third item could be abolished prior to being completed to use. Considerably more could raisin for rum and pampre; 5th, citrus sorbet to get lemon sorbet; 8th, clown flavour to get banana; ninth and exotic fruits for tropical fruits; 10th be (Table 5).

Finally, the queue extension might result in more expensive through recurrent changing items and less of production than optimum production in most items. For instance , when the different item coming from before is produced, the availability line must be carefully washed up ahead of time in order to avoid producing different coloring or flavouring ice products from their original specifications. Actually it takes one hour to clean the ice cream making machine between flavours in Holly Farm building. This mindful clean-up is likely to cause more expensive and reduce productivity. Furthermore, smaller amount of production is going to lead to higher fixed expense per creation unit and, as a result, can lead to higher total cost.

2 . 2 Potential Constraints

2 . 2 . one particular Production Series

Although it is apparent that Holly Farm contains a crucial capability constraint upon its creation line, Gillian has hesitated to take on this problem, as a result, has abandoned the growth strategy in spite of the recent eco friendly growth pattern of their annual income. In order to continue the growth approach, she need to solve the condition. For instance, your woman should make a deal with its employees for the expansion of working days within a week via 4 days to 5, six or 1 week in the occupied period.

Whilst Holly Farm building groped regarding the likelihood of producing the several volumes of packages of yummy ice cream for reacting special orders for the local catering operate, I would recommend that they can stop seeking to do this. Throwing away a lot of yummy ice cream, taking two or three hours to create the dispenser up and being required low warrant my assertion enough. In the event that they continued this trial, more serious potential constraints will be caused.

2 . 2 . 2 Milking Parlour

According for this case, the amount of visitors who want to see the milking parlour on a busy working day in2003 was 206. Nevertheless , the capacity with the gallery to get watching milking parlour can be 200 site visitors per day (Calculation 2). It could be said that they can be about groing through the capacity in 2003. In addition, Gillian wishes to increase the quantity of farm site visitors in 2004 by 50 percent. The problem would grow in 2005.

The problem in milking parlour is certainly not ignorable. 33% of total revenue of Holly Plantation, including paying visitor sales; 11% and entrance cost; 22%, can be provided via farm tourists, and 27% of total revenue in the farm is related to its milking parlour (Table 6). This kind of incident evidently shows that if the milking parlour made site visitors dissatisfied, the revenue with the farm will decline critically.

Therefore , with no solution for the capacity limitation related to milking parlour, the farm would neither achieve success nor survive in the near future.

In addition to the capacity constraints, the milking parlour provides queuing complications. This case mentioned that about 100 persons visited the gallery via 4 evening to 5 evening on a active day. However have already stated earlier that 206 people stopped at the photo gallery on a busy day (Calculation 2). Thus about half of the visitors showed up there inside only one hour. As a result, a queue is manufactured before starting the milking parlour and is not really solved the queue for quite a while. The queuing problem easily leads to consumer dissatisfactions and may result in significant decline in the total revenue as I warned above.

2 . 2 . three or more Distribution

In accordance to this circumstance, Gillian offers ice cream to retail clients by the delivery van once per week, and the delivery van includes a capacity of 500 lt of ice cream and does not have a freezer. While the average maximum temperature in the warmest month in the UK coming from 1971 to 2000 was less than twenty degree centigrade (Met Business office, 2003), the temperature around the van could be much than 30 degree centigrade. Furthermore, attempting to deliver all ice cream for that week at once tends to lead to longer duration of delivery. As a result, melting ice cream can be accelerated. This means that these details cause more than half of corporate customer gripes in 2003, which view melting goodies. This problem may be one major reason why Gillian forecasted that retail product sales in 2004 decrease by 13. 3 %. Yet , it is more affordable to handle and resolve the problem to be able to meet industry demand than to outlook wrong to prevent the problem.

2 . 3 Additional Problems

installment payments on your 3. one particular Raw Material Stock Control

This case stated that Holly Farm offers currently ordered raw materials on an ad hoc basis when an surgical feels that the materials will be required. Whileit could be true the fact that quantities with the raw materials the farm uses are so little that the farmville farm hardly offers any other better ways to control them effectively than each ad hoc basis, their method to deal with stocks is obviously faulty because companies are to have organic material stocks and shares in order generally to have a barrier for production, response to unpredicted larger or perhaps smaller requirements and take advantage of price discount rates on significant order. Actually they have experienced several experiences unwanted shares and brief stocks of materials and flavour. The previous led to needless cash outs, the later on caused interruption, rescheduling of productions and re-timing of maintenance times (Waters, 2002).

2 . several. 2 Products on hand control of last products

Holly Farm would not control its stock amount of final product in the year 2003. As a consequence, a shorter stock happened at the end of September (Figure 1). Brief stock of ultimate products much more serious than one of unprocessed trash. While it immediately causes retailers’ loss from other sales, the indirect results are more common, including misplaced goodwill, loss in reputation and loss of potential future product sales (Waters, 2002). Moreover, via January to February, there were a without cash flow caused by overstock, hence, by excessive generation (Figure 1). If the plantation had not stored enough money to supplement this bad cash flow, they can have had to raise money. Nevertheless , potential money suppliers just like banks, building societies and individual buyers would not always be willing to provide or all of the to the farm because of the farm’s mismanagement of money.

3. Summary

As I reviewed above, Holly farm has its own problems in its operations. These kinds of problems are most often appearing through its current remarkable expansion. Holly Farm is at a turning point. Should they grow with huge expenditure? Should they cover their difficulties with sacrificing all their bright long term? In the next component to this report, I will offer several ideas to their concerns.

4. Advice and Action Plan

4. 1 Business Aims and Goals

4. 1 ) 1 Product sales Forecast

Seeing that Gillian understands Holly Plantation has a number of capacity limitations, she seemed to decide never to take the development strategy but for take the earnings focusing technique, which is feasible by expanding the reveal of it is farm shop product sales in its total revenue just on the presumption that it is conceivable to increase inside the number of their farm tourists and to acknowledge all of the guests. Nevertheless, neither a significant within the number of the farm site visitors is likely, nor overlooking growth opportunities for its selling sales is reasonable. Consequently , I would like to propose to look at the growth technique to Holly Farm with a lot of solutions to potential constraints.

Simply by linear regression (Waters, 2002), the annual sales of retail outlets, the farmshop and total are calculated at 93. 0, 32. 5 and 125. your five thousands pound, respectively (Table 1, Physique 2). In this instance, both relationship coefficients of retail store sales and farm shop sales are above 0. 9500. Thus these kinds of forecasts can be stated to be dependable in terms of the linear regression.

However , when ever Holly Farmville farm adopts this kind of forecast, they must mention this things. First, the outlook by thready regression is based only about historical info. Thus it is assumed that the foreseeable future trend can be referred to days gone by one. In that case, because the tendency is recognized as linear one without the particular purpose, if the trend were based around the different style such as logarithmic, exponential and moving common, the prediction could turn into failure. Furthermore, the forecast does not include any expertise. Therefore , it could be a vulnerable disagreement in terms of environmental changes. Whatever the case, due to the likelihood of the forecast’s failure as well as the huge effects of the sales forecast for the following program, I strongly recommend that Holly Farm as well as its consultants once again discuss within the sales outlook of 2004 before proceeding the plan.

4. 1 . a couple of Line File format

As a result of the topic in the section 2 . 1 . 2, I would recommend Holly Farmville farm not to increase its creation line by four things in the year 2003 to 10 items in 2004. Each of the problems I mentioned, which are related to the expiration schedules of final products and raw materials, may cause unexpected price up.

In addition to the discussion previously mentioned, the argument over if they should cure the number of products from several is also controversial because the require of the other items than top rated one is even now so low that keeping these items is usually hardly justified. However , I propose Holly Farm to keep the amount of items several based on the following discussions.

Initially, while it is not a problem intended for Holly Farmville farm to have merely one item if perhaps they did business only on the farm shop, to be able to expand all their sales on retail programs, keeping several items is definitely inevitable to get the advertising reasons. Second, even when they will sale your favorite ice cream on their farmshop, only one item may not be eye-catching for their customers. Finally, with regards to accountability of companies, it is difficult to explain why they abolished the items for their customers unless of course they show keeping the items that they ended selling can be harmful intended for the business.

Keeping the number of things at several, Holly Farm can keep the stock degree of final goods of each item more than you, 516 litre per annum (Table 7). Although the problems above raw materials’ stock level still continue to be, the solution for people items will probably be discussed in section4. three or more. 1 .

some. 2 Potential Constraints

some. 2 . 1 Production Range

The process line of ice cream in Holly Farm consists of group processes, an industrial manufacturing method through which several individual serial and, or seite an seite operations will be carried out to make a product, as opposed to continuous process (Williams ou al, 2001). Hence, the capacity of the series is limited by the one of the bottle neck procedure. In this case, the bottle the neck and throat process is definitely the ageing procedure, a continuous freezing process in the icecream machine, and one batch ability of the method is three hundred and fifty litres. In addition, the process requires 8 several hours. In order to increase in the capacity, they have to make the machine bigger or to shorten enough time. Nevertheless, as it is hard intended for Holly Farm to make any big investment, they do not have got any other way than one to give up to improving ability of the procedure line in a short-term.

Because the alternatives to increase inside the annual creation, there are contract-out and expansion of procedure days via 4 days per week to 5, 6 or 7 days a week. Because of Holly Farm’s troubles in disclosure of its own original quality recipes to the equal due to its conventional corporate traditions, the risk of rise in total price and potential constraints of whole goodies manufacturers in the busy period, it would be hard for Holly Farm to contract away its ice cream production. Consequently , I propose extension cables of operation days while solution for capacity limitations of the production line.

5. 2 . two Milking Parlour

I propose the subsequent three solutions for the capacity constraint and queuing complications in the milking parlour.

Firstly, abolishment of explanatory tape through headphones would be successful. It is obvious that the tape makes a jar neck of your series of operations in the gallery. By replacing the mp3 through headphones to one not really through head-phone but basically broadcasted inside the gallery and waiting area (Figure 3), service period per visitor would be shortened, and the potential of the photo gallery could be better.

Secondly, set up of visiting time to the gallery will alleviate its queuing difficulty. For example , the farm divided the duration of the milking parlour in five; four. 30 evening ” a few. 00pm, a few. 00pm ” 5. 40 pm, five. 30pm ” 6. 00 pm, 6th. 00 pm ” 6. 30 evening, 6. 30 pm ” 7. 00 pm. When ever visitors sign in the plantation, it allocates them into each time prevent. While there are vacancies in the time prevent visitors want, it is wise decision that guests choose which block they may be in.

Finally, queuing entertainments are effective to allay consumer dissatisfactions. For instance, while tourists are in a queue, the scene of milking parlour will be broadcasted on a TV screen with the waiting area. This solution can be expected to generate service period shorter as well to make client dissatisfactions lowered.

4. 2 . 3 Division

In order to perform growth approach I proposed in section 4. 1 . 1, resolving problems in distribution is essential because greater burden upon distribution can be inevitable pertaining to the technique. Hence, I recommend that Holly Farm runs on the delivery van equipped with a freezer of about 1, 000 litres and replaces old one by it. I assume the fact that farm lease a VOLKS WAGEN LT35 Chiller / Refrigerator Van by a rental business (Figure 4). The regular monthly rent of the van should be considered 1, 911 as a adjustable cost.

5. 3 Different Problems

5. 3. one particular Raw Material Stock Control

I propose that minimum order quantities of strawberry and chocolate flavour decrease by current 1, 000 cubic centimeters to 400 ml, because the farm cannot complete using them within their optimum storage period allowed in 2004(Table 8). While the reorder costs for anyone items will probably be charged 3 times as much as common ones, the price tag on the uncooked material that will be abolished, therefore, abolishment expense can be removed. Even though the expense down will probably be almost counteract by reorder charges, this process would be necessary in facet of green problems.

Since Holly Farm is using relatively massive amount milk powdered, box and cardboard, I like to recommend these organic material orders at the monetary order quantities (Waters, 2002). When they imagine the farm building attempted to purchase these raw materials at bare minimum order amounts in 2004, the cost straight down is likely to be more than 2, 1000 pound per annum (Table 9).

In terms of you a chance to place orders, I propose the reorders of raw materials based upon the reorder level (Waters, 2002). Once calculating the reorder amounts of each items, I assumed that needs can be evenly divided into everyday. The reorder levels of raw materials are displayed in Desk 10. This kind of control technique is not deemed any questions about usage of raw materials, in other words, production schedule of yummy ice cream. However , because the farm hasn’t taken any flexible booking method for their production; Just-in-Time, MRP, MRPII (Waters, 2002) and so on, it can be thought that you cannot find any problem.

4. 3. a couple of Inventory control of final products

In the farm building, production of yummy ice cream has been performing based on a set schedule. Hence it is crucial to hedge the danger regarding questions of upcoming demands. Consequently , I propose the last product inventory control based on the safety stock level deemed standard change as upcoming uncertainties (Waters, 2002). Since the uncertainties in each month are very different, the levels needs to be varied (Table 11). I assume that the main factor that affects to ice cream require is weather conditions including temperatures. Thus the safety stock amounts of each month happen to be calculated by standard deviations of five a few months including before and after each two months. This method can be not as safe as routine review procedure is. However , the approach can be reasonable because the risk of unexpected alter of demand was handled below five per cent.

4. four Aggregate Preparing

Based on revenue forecast of each and every month (Table 12), I actually made a great aggregate policy for Holly Farm in 2005 (Table 13). In order to fulfill all prediction demand without any big expenditure in its production line and to eliminate unnecessary stocks, I suggest them to take those policy of chase require production (Waters, 2002) (Figure 5). Although this is not the particular best insurance plan but also only one policy for the farm nowadays due to its ability constraints, they should operate properly because it may be verydifficult to organise. If you take this insurance plan, they can maintain your stock level relatively low (Figure 6).

4. five Cash Flow Research

Basing by using an assumption that Holly Farmville farm has to shell out 50% additional money for overtime works of part-time staff than usual kinds, I analysed cash flow from the farm (

Figure five Demand and Production in 2004

Figure 6 Share Level Control

Table 14). 14% with the total cash out, 9, 958/anum out of 91, 158/anum, will be spent for extra repayment for overtime in 2004. Hence, the farm should start considering growing the capacity their production line when the revenue forecast comes true.

Compared with the actual cashflow in the year 2003 and the income forecast based on Gillian’s program in 2005, the cash circulation in 2004 will be relatively allocated between each month evenly. Especially, also between January and May, you will have few adverse cash flows ( Determine 7). The farm’s credit rating during the term can be improved. In terms of cashflow during the year, although the cash flow on my proposal is no more than one upon Gillian’s plan, the cash placement will be better than one in the year 2003.

4. six Break Even Analysis

The profitability in the plan is usually not improved from the year 2003 result because of an increase in the proportion of the variable cost in the annual revenue. The main reason intended for the reduced profitability is definitely the serious embrace extra payment for overtimes. While the make your money back point on my plan drops from the year 2003 result, this is because a remarkable embrace total earnings in 2005. The perimeter of security to sudden decrease in total sales can be improved. The break even level on my program is above one based upon Gillian’soptimistic strategy. The reason is that Gillian assumed they can increase farmshop sales having a 1 perimeter per litre of ice cream and 2 entrance fees (Table 15, Figure 8). Nevertheless , as I described in section 4. 1 . 1, her forecast can be unreliable. Therefore , the farm building should tolerate against the unprofitability in 2004 and should maintain its progress strategy. Euromonitor plc. (2003) Euromonitor researching the market: Ice cream in britain. London.

Achieved Office (2003) UK Environment and Weather Statistics: the year of 1971 ” 2150 Averages [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 27th January 2003].

Office for Countrywide Statistic (2003) New Income Survey 2003 [Online]. Available coming from: [Accessed twenty ninth December 2003].

SMV Ads of Yeovil (2003) SMV Commercials site: Vehicle leasing [Online]. Available via: [Accessed 28th December 2003].

Waters, D. (2002) Functions Management: Creating Goods and Services. second edition. London, uk, Prentice Hall.

Williams, T. and Rathwell, G. (2001) Glossary: Business Integration and Communications Devices [Online]. Last up-to-date on 29th May 2001. Available coming from: [Accessed 26th December 2003].


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