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Samsung SWOT Analysis Essay


installment payments on your Samsung’s aim of $400 billion in sales simply by 2020 could bring it for the same amounts as Walmart. Is this possible? Why or perhaps Why not? I do believe that $400 billion in sales is definitely not feasible for Samsung except if it twigs off to new market segments and has new products.

Market diversification allows Samsung to spread the sales throughout different market segments and not just count on technology to get them to that goal. The CEO of Samsung can be calculating inflation into that number as well, quite high inflation. The marketplace leader of technology, Apple has just collection a new record for sales out of any company to date – doing over $46 billion in one quarter. this projects that Apple can come out with a little over $140 billion in sales in january 2012.

Samsung is not far lurking behind those numbers, however the company has ended disclosing cellphone sales and i also was struggling to find an accurate sales number. Because I can not get past revenue for Samsung korea, and the company trades in the Korean marketplace and not U. S., My spouse and i am unable to accurately outlook where the CEO would get these kinds of a number. I really do not speak korean, and so i feel like Samsung is a little shady with the performance numbers.

In the event Samsung can out sell Apple and gain that larger market share, I actually still do certainly not think that quantity is accurate. There are way too many unforeseeable threats in the consumer electronics industry. Staying cutting edge can simply last such a long time before an additional company will come in and does this better – Apple features proved this with the cellular phone/MP3 gamer. Samsung is growing and I do not think that number is not possible, I just firmly feel that it can be reaching too high. $300 billion, maybe.

We will have trailers pertaining to an upcoming film well before the discharge date in order to create that desire and need for the product. Samsung must focus on building this buzz and not dropping the latest product on store shelves with little to no notice before-hand. One more weakness of Samsung is the product elements.

Samsung uses plastic for every its iphones and other mobile phones. Plastic makes the product feel cheap and poorly constructed. I have in contrast the construction of your Samsung smart phone to my personal iPhone 4 and in addition they do not also compare in contraction and feel. The Samsung mobile phones feel heavy and “creaky” when the telephone has been utilized for over a month. The usage of materials can definitely improve to make the product feel of better quality.

The samsung company is fork out a lot of the time and money upon what is in the phone, however when most people go to purchase a new cell phone they look at the external, and then how much does it do – certainly not the other way around. The samsung company has the possibility to expand their market reach to new sectors – the standard buyer. Samsung korea also has the opportunity to take it is low cost storage chip to be able to markets. The low cost memory space chip is of interest for any business that has memory enabled equipment.

Partnering with innovative shoe companies that are looking to increase on the “smart shoe” idea will definitely keep an eye out for a storage chip to save lots of the user’s data. This can be one of many up-in-coming opportunities for memory poker chips. Samsung will not have to get rid of money in to R&D intended for memory processor chip market penetration strategies since the product previously exists and is also up-to-date.

Samsung korea will have to spend a lot of time and money to formulate products that take market share away from the key competitors that have brand devoted customers. One more threat to Samsung is the competitor’s promotional initiatives. Samsung’s competitors have more funds allocated to marketing than Samsung korea does (Samsung’s is tangled up in R&D).

Competitors convey more market saturation than Korean and manage television commercials more often than Samsung. This goes back to the need of building product hoopla. Samsung has to build even more hype and lead period when liberating new products.

Samsung prides itself on finding a product available in less than six month, however whether it makes that seven a few months and spends one month promoting the product, The samsung company may see increased sales.

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