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Samsung Critical Analysis Essay

Samsung Electronics is a consumer electronics manufacturing company centered out of South Korea. Samsung Gadgets ranks among the world’s greatest manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and storage chips. They will produce cell phones with a variety of operating systems (OS) including Microsoft’s Windows, in one facility OS’ Bada and Tizen, and Google’s Android.

Android’s success today as the mobile industry’s most well-known smartphone system is largely due to Samsung, accounting for 95% of income (Kelion, 2013). Samsung provides dominated the earth smartphone marketplace since 2011, most recently confirming a market discuss of 35% in one fourth 3 of 2013 (Pfanner, 2013). They may have achieved this market share through high product sales of their flagship Galaxy T model (40 million devices sold to particular date in 2013), and by providing a diverse manufacturer product line of over 40+ smart phone models along a broad variety of prices. Samsung korea is able to present such a widely various market giving through a extremely integrated worth chain that will bring production costs low.

Samsung’s “shotgun” technique has been very successful in capturing market share in the short term, and pushing the competitors (Nokia, HTC, and Apple) to differentiate or perhaps exit industry. Over the summer season of 2013 investors asked this strategy to become concerned that as differences in technology among the list of models started to be less obvious that Korean would lose its capacity to charge a premium for top end models, creating a temporary drop in the talk about price. Research of the most good features in Samsung phones combined with client trend research and pleasantly appealing patterns can be used to present highly desired models.

Samsung korea is certainly not new to the smartphone market and does not have to supply an overly diverse market giving to meet the expectations of its consumers. The 40+ product line found in the United States gives phones with similar, if perhaps not precise, features that can be combined in fewer, even more refined offerings. After many years of being the greatest smartphone producer in the world, The samsung company knows what consumers need. Instead of offering different models to each niche, Samsung can release types with general features which have been differentiated by processor velocity, memory ability, and camera functionality.

Then Samsung may market the smartphones’ functions to attract the various niches. The samsung company needs to make contact with the basics of “building the best phone out there, and then ensuring everyone knows regarding them” (Kelion, 2013). This kind of focused style strategy is going to satisfy the expectations of the consumer while bolstering the brand’s image.

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