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FastFit Case Analysis Essay

1 . 1 . Tag the main goes of goods and money in the diagram (above) and use a key or perhaps table of descriptive elements to explain your answer. installment payments on your a) List the specific components of information which can be usually collected at the DETRAS (Point of Sale airport terminal or funds register) and recorded each time a customer borrows (excluding getting the identity with the customer which can be covered in Q3)? b) What are three important uses of this data at the retail outlet by the retail outlet manager through management in the headquarters a total of 6 uses? (use a table) (It is important that you give different responses/uses for retail outlet manager plus the HQ) Use of Information by Store Managers: Information Factors Needed Usage of Information simply by Management for Headquarters: Data Elements Needed 3. a) What are some ways to have the identity from the customer in the POS and to associate this identity with additional detailed information about the customer? b) What business actions can FastFit then simply take based upon this more information?

Credit Card Information The customer’s credit card gives personal information in where the buyer lives and what acquisitions they have produced in the store. A store can organized more focused advertising in the spots where buyers live. Inquire Customers to fill out a survey Survey will gain information about just how customers experience the store and FastFit’s goods. They can decide if customers think that the store provides issues, and what people feel needs to be dealt with with the total company.

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They will recognize particular issues and address these people directly. These might consist of changing the complete store atmosphere or the quality of products inside. If buyers like a selected aspect of a store, FastFit may emphasize this kind of. Maybe attempt to have a more diversified product mix or perhaps different marketing routine.

5. Assume HQ is responsible (HQ issues orders to suppliers and determines what warehouse should deliver to stores) to get replenishing inventory at the retailers. a) What information (elements) are required and how happen to be these used to decide what (the warehouse) sends with each store? b) Where do the information components come from? (use a desk to combine the responses for any and b). c) List two reasons why we didn’t have each store determine what (replenishments) to buy from the warehouse? Headquarters Duties Information Elements Needed Computer checkout system in store consumes this information about how precisely much was spent on the store including which instances the most spending occurs.

As well managers is able to see tell when the busiest times during the the day, month and season are just by observing customer patterns in the store. Customer Information: Store Details: c. Supervision at HQ controls the replenishments mainly because they can supervise all procedures across all of the stores. They have the power to make calculated decision about each store that could benefit the corporation as a whole.

In the event each store were to replace the products themselves, they would just replenish precisely what is popular each and every time. HQ ensures that every single store is receiving the goods which will properly sell off in the area that the store is in. HQ can evaluate trends over a larger range, and apply advertising strategies and merchandise mix depending on the data tendencies. If replenishing were still left to the specific stores, product sales and earnings would be misplaced.

5. a) Draw a system diagram that shows the real key information and product runs between FastFit (HQ and Warehouse) and a dealer, including the steps for placing your order and invoicing and label each stream descriptively. This diagram will have three circles. b) Compare your attracting with the plan showing the flows that occur if a customer purchases something at a (physical) store and explain why the former much more complicated. 1 . HQ chooses what has to go into retailers and orders the products coming from suppliers installment payments on your Supplier directs HQ a confirmation of the order and also sends an invoice to get how much money is owed three or more.

Supplier sends the merchandise to the warehouse b. The diagram above shown in the initially part of problem 5 is somewhat more sophisticated compared to the latter diagram because it entails many more transactions. HQ must go through a careful decision process actually before ordering the products from the provider. After ordering the correct things, HQ must be sure that the merchandise reaches the warehouse, after which the store with no issues occurring in between. This entails that HQ compensates the dealer and storage place in time.

HQ has to manage all of the physical decision making as well as financial details of each purchase. HQ drags each aspect together. six. Assume that FastFit headquarters receives and compensates invoices coming from suppliers. a) How do that they decide if (i. elizabeth. which info elements will the HQ use) to pay out and how much to pay out? b) From where perform they find the information for making this decision? (use a table to mix responses into a and b). Headquarters Decision Making: Information Components Needed Decision: HQ and supplier could agree on a set value based on how much of the product FastFit would be purchasing.

FastFit may wish to choose and continue using the services of the supplier based on the actual customers have shown interest in Factory Information: Decision: HQ could pay the warehouse if the information gets relayed which the order was complete and deal with. Warehouse and HQ could decide on a set cost beforehand for every single transaction that the warehouse works. Delivery Info: Decision: HQ would potentially try and negotiate the price for shipping with the stockroom and dealer.

If the delivery services proved to be reliable HQ would think satisfied with the retail price and process. Supplier Information: Decision: HQ would pay the distributor based on how very much product they may be ordering of course, if the suppliers asking price is usually reasonable.

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