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Religious Philosophy Essay

Christian theology has its origins in Judaism. Christian theology has evolved from the philosophy in the Old Legs from which the Christians have their most elementary of tenets: there is only 1 God, that God is present everywhere, and that God is definitely all-knowing. However , the Goodness of the Old Testament was a more personal and a far more vengeful The almighty. This wrathful nature triggered a viewpoint that The almighty was an awesome, fearsome Goodness.

Later Western philosophers also accepted that God was at everything and was the Creator of all things. However , individuals who followed the cosmological debate of St Thomas Aquinas seemed to include the benefits of Our god. Not only was God fearsome, as the Creator of all things He was also the source of all very good. Much of the religious philosophy in today’s European culture is dependent on this many advantages.

St . Jones Aquinas would more than just theorize on the goodness of God. Through the cosmological argument this individual offered an evidence for the existence of God. Nevertheless he was not just a cloistered scholar.

Aquinas wrote profusely, this individual preached to and taught congregations, and he lectured at community gatherings. His many articles influenced two avenues of Western believed: empiricism and Aristotelianism. In line with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Thomas’s biblical writings became regulative from the Catholic Cathedral and his close textual commentaries on Aristotle represent a cultural source which is at this point receiving increased recognition. The next account concentrates on Thomas the philosopher and presents him as basically an Aristotelian (McInerny, 2006, par. 1).

Few philosophers of European religion experienced so much influence on religious thought as St . Thomas Aquinas. One testament to his continued importance is the fact Pope David Paul 2 issued a great encyclical that used Thomist reasoning more than a decade ago (McInerny, 2005). For this reason, I do believe that St . Thomas Aquinas most advanced Western religious thought.

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