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Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

Summary A breastfeeding philosophy explains what medical is and why nursing staff practice the way in which that they carry out. A idea of nursing is usually developed by an individual nurses for use in their daily practice. Rns use their particular personal philosophy to explain what he or she is convinced nursing is definitely, the function of breastfeeding in the health-related field and how the health professional interacts with the individual (McEwen & Wills, 2014).

A Nursing staff philosophy of nursing may guide her or him in practice every day. Before one can explore their particular personal breastfeeding philosophy they need to understand how breastfeeding theories and philosophies have an effect on each. The philosophy of nursing continues to be defined as the study of problems that are ultimate, subjective and standard (McEwen & Wills, 2014).

These trouble is concerned with the nature of existence, expertise, morality, purpose and individual purpose. Idea tries to discover knowledge and truth and attempts to content to discover what is valuable and important ( McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 25). Philosophy’s most basic level, theory, has been described as a systematic explanation of an celebration in which constructs and concepts are discovered and associations are recommended and forecasts made ( McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 25).

With that being said it is easy to see how a nurses’ beliefs can know what type of style or theory he or she uses to guide the care he or she provides. Just as nursing theory can help to create a nurses personal philosophy, it can be as essential to acknowledge that nursing ideas and sagesse both supply a way for a nurse to approach daily practice and individual individuals. Personal Idea My personal viewpoint of breastfeeding is not really based on a single theory but is a shedding pot of numerous theories which includes evovoled as my care has evolved through the years. My person philosophy of nursing has resulted coming from being the product of an underserved community and seeing quality how a health care provider’s person bias may have a negative impact on patients outcome.

Nursing is definitely the art of caring and is translated into existence by doing what is proper, what is very good and eventually in the most of the patient. I believe that nursing jobs care needs to be transcultural and also culturally qualified. Just as Florencia Nightingale researched what could be performed to address the bond between low income, sickness and early fatality during the Crimean war, I believe nursing today should concentrate on the recognition of poverty and elegance as essential contextual elements for an awareness of social vulnerability to disease. I really believe that cultural competency ought to be the driving force at the rear of care which nursing must seek to addresses health disparities and risk reductions in doing so.

As nurses as we tend to focus on patient education, affluence, treatments and diagnoses yet forget about the human rights element and pride of those who may be sociable outcasts or of second-rate status. It can be my idea that in order to provide culturally skilled care to the underserved and disenfranchised you have to have an understanding of there own value program and biases. The health campaign model of Nola Pender is usually deep rooted in my idea because I think as her health campaign model claims, humans have the potential to change and engage in fresh behaviors willingly to achieve self-selected goals or perhaps outcomes.

I believe that we most go through several stages once seeking to generate health related alterations and it is that intervention which can be preformed at the right level that will have the maximum influence in ensuring that the behavioral change can become a lasting 1. This several weeks readings possess influenced my view items by aiding me to research the various breastfeeding theories and providing a structure for which to base my own personal nursing viewpoint on. The readings also have help me to comprehend that I acquired already set up my own personal viewpoint based on my own personal values and professional progress as well as affected person encounters, interactions and know-how but hadn’t thought of it in abrader sense.

Philosophical foundations Leininger’s cultural attention theory of diversity and universality is dependent on a belief that people coming from different civilizations can notify and are able of leading professionals so they may obtain the kind of proper care they desire or perhaps need coming from others. A significant concept of this theory is usually cultural competent nursing proper care uses culturally-based care and health knowledge that is very sensitive, creative and meaningful, within a ways to satisfy the general and desires of the individual or group. One of this is when my own Hispanic patient asked me regarding the use of herbal supplements to address their very own medical illnesses.

In an effort to give care that is certainly culturally skilled I spend a bit of time and research the herb that this patient would like to use to verify that it will have a bad interaction within the prescribed treatment and if not really, not only will I allow the sufferer to use these people, but I actually encourage it’s use as well, while rewarding to the patient the importance of continuous to use what I have recommended also. One more example of culturally competent care use in my practice is with flu vaccines, I have found in my practice that many african americans decline the flu vaccine for fear of post vaccine condition.

I value the individuals right to autonomy, but as well educate them on the risk and benefits of the shot with hopes that by a subsequent visit they may change their very own mind. Beliefs and Expertise Development Know-how development is derived from philosophy and I implement this in practice by providing culturally skilled care based on Leininger’s social care theory of variety and universality. Leinger’s theory states that people from several cultures can inform and therefore are capable of guiding professionals so that they may possibly receive the sort of care they really want or need(Tomey & Alligood, 2006).

That is why I actively involve the sufferer in his or her proper care. Positivism and Post-positivism Positivism supports mechanistic, and reductionist principles, where the complex is better understood regarding basic parts (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Post-positivism welcomes the subject characteristics of query while even now supporting puritanismo and objective study through quantitative research method and it is concerned with reason and prediction of complicated phenomenon, and recognized contextual variables (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Positivism is concerned with all the positive application of knowledge to support in individual progress.

In Nursing Positivism can be used to information care. Bottom line This newspaper has given me the chance to recognize that I’ve always had a philosophy of nursing. Through self search this newspaper has offered me a way to put into terms how highly I respect care getting provided in a culturally competent manor, since it is by way of cultural competency we can reach our really most weak population. Recommendations

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