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Professional attachment at sunyani local hospital

I communicate my honest gratitude for the Almighty Our god for his protection and guidance through the attachment period.

I will humbly acknowledge the management and staff of Sunyani Local Hospital Documents Department, specifically to Mister. Peter Amponsah Manu, Madam Elizerbeth kyeraah as the Supervisors for Medical Information Department and Mr. Sanyo, the senior manager of Live Information for their advice, encouragement plus the knowledge affected which has been a great help.

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Finally, I would like to thank my own parent and family for your support at prayers and financially throughout this accessory period, to your encouragement and everything who helped in various ways to get this attachment powerful.

I say Goodness richly bless you.


I dedicate this report to Christ for his divine inspiration and inspiration.

Secondly, I actually dedicate this kind of report to my personal mother Madam Grace Akosua Krah and loved ones whom through their cordial romance made this connection and report a success.



Industrial add-on is one of the requirements needed to be able to obtain the Larger National Degree or diploma (HND) License as implemented by the National Accreditation Plank.

It is a very well structured skill training system forming section of the approved educational standard intended for students to involve themselves, gain sensible, managerial as well as hand-on encounter that belongs the area of course of studies. It also provides the student probability to solve real life problems. Pertaining to the initial two years in school, students have to spend their particular second semester vacation going through the industrial attachment. Students have to cumulatively dedicate a minimum of 24 weeks for the practical professional training in in an attempt to qualify since HND graduates.


As part of the education change programme, the polytechnics will be upgraded to a tertiary level to provide training and the needed skills to meet the nation’s professional, scientific and technological requirements.

However , professional attachment plan has been attached with the academic subjects where Bigger National Degree or diploma (HND) students are allowed to experience industrial schooling to enable all of us to be even more enlightened using what is happening inside our present day environment to build upon what has become learnt in school.

Hence HND students of the Polytechnics have to serve a great attachment with assorted organizations and write a report to the establishment.

This connection in one way or the different creates work opportunities in case the participant sets up their finest behavior and efforts throughout their stay in the business which they could be recommended for the company after their 3 year classes.

It is for that reason that I began an professional attachment at Sunyani Regional Hospital, for two months (from 27th May possibly 2013 to 26th This summer 2013) with the Medical Records Department.


Sunyani Regional medical center is an ultra- modern day hospital which was established in-may 2003 in fact it is located on the Barracks-Techiman road. A healthcare facility was initially opened up in 1928 but its bed capacity was around 150. From 69 to 1972, the in that case Busia government realized the advantages of a larger and structurally better hospital areas and began the construction in the Doctors bungalows, Nursing teaching college and Nurses quarters to secure the human resource requirement. Dr . Asare said “after the are present of Busia government in 1972 the project laid of f. In 1983 and 1990 Nanasunyanihene and Doctor C. L Oppong sent several memos and petitions to the doing well minister of Health on the need for a brand new Regional Clinic.  Regional capitals just like Cape Coast, Ho and Sunyani were announced by N. G. C govt in 93 to be created to standard and the aim was achieved in 2003 but was named after Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. The hospital is found on a flattened ground and promote boundaries with Penkwase in east and Nkwabeng North in the north. It protects about 450 hectres of land. VISION STATEMENT OF R. They would. S

To provide a model second health care facility for best clinical practice near your vicinity and past and also give you the highest quality medical care consistent with the service standard. “We hope to take care of the equipment, estate and other establishments in the hospital to gain the accolade as one of the cleanest, neatest and plans hospital in Africa.  Said by simply Dr . Prophet Bin Ibrahim the Local Director of Ghana Wellness Service. QUEST STATEMENT OF R. They would. S

The key thrust from the health care delivery over years has been to “improve the overall health position and reduce inequalities in wellness outcome with the people.



The administration is headed by administrator who may be the next in command following your medical doctor. He administers or perhaps checks theincoming and expenses of all operating and non working employees of the medical center, new and old suppliers, etc . His ascent in needed requested item or perhaps letter allows a purchase between the hospital(procurement unit, consideration office and suppliers) or activity to take place at the clinic ACCOUNT SECTION

The bank account unit is responsible for the payments business orders approved by your doctor and the manager and the proper accounting of all moneys received or delivered of the hospitals account. The calculation in the total bills of drugs and non prescription drugs to patients after quality health care delivery to enable the hospital claim their cash from the government(national health insurance system Centre CHEMIST.

The pharmacy is in which drugs are been distributed to all affected person with minus national medical insurance card based upon the prescription drugs being approved by both the doctor and also the health assistance in the clinic. LIVE DOCUMENTS.

This is where individuals folders happen to be stored, retrieved, filed and analyzed inside the hospital simple identification of patient file, sickness and total turn out of individuals at the hospital within a time frame. OUT- PATIENT DEPARTMENT.

This is also the place where most patient with and without the cards verify their blood pressure before they see the doctor or the well being assistance in the hospital.


Lastly, this is where the procurement officers/store keeper encourages quotation, examine and appraise suppliers with the aid of the doctor, administrator. Purchases of items are also made by this division and later problems are made to the various departments within the hospital based upon their requisitions in their order books according to their must the stores division. Itis also responsible for the control and management of stock.


The hospital provides the pursuing services to staff and their families and also other organizations and the organizations lots of people: a. Outpatient.

m. Inpatient.

c. Laboratory.

d. Dispensary.

e. Maternity and delivery.

farrenheit. Medicare.

g. Standard surgery.

h. A N C/P N C.

my spouse and i. Ultrasound Check out.

l. Family planning.

e. Public health solutions.

m. Ophthalmic attention.

m. E D T.

n. Mat.

o. Child welfare center.

s. Ophthalmic Proper care.


NATURE OF WORK COMPLETED AT MEDICAL RECORDS SECTION / AWAY ” PATIENT DEPARTMENT (O. P. D) During my industrial attachment for Sunyani Local Hospital, I was posted to Medical Data Department which usually constitutes the Out -Patient Department (O. P. D), Filing room and Live Records. For those Departments, the information of mother nature of work completed are categorized under the subsequent: a. Going into patient data in temporary cards.

n. Entering details in directories.

c. Detecting barcodes of directories and O. P. D numbers.

d. Uncovering active and inactive covered by insurance patient.

e. Retrieving of sufferers folders.

f. Sign up of new patients.

g. Registration of personal companies.

h. Organizing and sorting of files on the shelves.

i. Tallying of Out-Patient Department attendance.

j. Getting into daily ward states in Microsoft excel.

e. Entering the monthly record diagnosis in Microsoft exceed. l. Completing of state forms.

THOROUGH ACCOUNT IN THE TRAINING/WORK PERFORMED BY THE PUPIL. ENTERING PATIENT DATA IN TEMPORAL CARDS [T. C]: This kind of are credit cards issued to patients because their first go to in medical center to take medical treatment, with their titles, ages, particular date of beginning, contact address, insurance figures etc as well as are offering Identification playing cards with amounts to have usage of their provisional, provisory cards. GETTING INTO PATIENT INFO FOLDERS: People who’s Eventual Cards are full with history, will be assigned by Doctors to retrieve directories from the Out- Patient Office (O. G. D) prior to treatment that was my duty. DETECTING BARCODES OF DIRECTORIES AND O. P. M NUMBERS: Net application software program likes e-Archive and Hams are used with the Out-Patient Department (O. P. D) in detecting the barcodes of folders once patient issue their Recognition Cards with O. S. D figures. When individual displace all their cards, I use their insurance numbers or sur brands to search for their particular O. P. D numbers for them to reach their directories before medicine. DETECTING EFFECTIVE AND SEDENTARY INSURED AFFECTED PERSON: All patients insured are to issue their National Medical insurance I. G cards intended for verification of either energetic or inactive by using Oracle internet app software in the O. L. D ahead of they check with the Doctors.

RETRIEVING OF PATIENT FOLDERS: This involves picking of folders of patient from the file shelves using their barcodes and Out Sufferer Department (O. P. D) numbers issues hospital cards. After choosing the file, you enter the name of patient and the O. L. D number in the Tickets and Secretions register prior to you give the folder to the patient sometime later it was proceed to produce entries in the computer on the filing space. REGISTRATION OF RECENT PATIENTS: Individuals who has simply come to the hospital for the first time are registeredby the use of HAMS. Their details like their particular names, gender, age and Home addresses are documented in the fresh case documents book. Likewise, through interviews, relevant data like date of labor and birth, marriage status, religion, contact number, Postal address, including others are documented in the file and given an Um. P. G number file number. A hospital card bearing the person name, U. P. M number, particular date of enrollment is made, added to the new file and give to patient only when he or she comes to the hospital.



Currently, Sunyani Regional Medical center has permitted services to private Insurance providers such as Top Health Care, MEDI- X Overall health System, Country wide Mutual Healthcare, Newmont Platinum Ghana Limited, and between other non-public insurance company. Enrollment of patients with exclusive insurance credit card is done by simply recording the name of the patients, date of beginning, insurance quantity, age, male or female, name of scheme, claim number, Medical center Record number of patient are recorded in private insurance form or claim form book prior to a company sufferers can received a Medical Services. ORGANIZING AND SORTING OF DIRECTORIES: Sorting of folders signifies arranging directories in order by using their bar code numbers and O. S. D amounts on the shelves inside the filing area after the patients has been cured. TALLYING OF OUT- AFFECTED PERSON DEPARTMENT PRESENCE: This process was done at the Live Information to assist a healthcare facility know the number of patients attendance. The Tally Sheet is definitely categorized in to male and feminine and ages, thus 0-4years, 4-10years, 10-18years, 18-30years, ¦ 60years and above such as the total about sheet before entries are manufactured Microsoft Surpass. ENTERING DAILY WARD CLAIMS IN MICROSOFT COMPANY EXCEL: The Daily Keep State just like number of Accès, Discharges, Understructure occupancy in wards including Accident and Emergency (A and E), Male/Female medical, Male/Female surgical, Male/Female keep etc were entered in Microsoft Surpass spreadsheet in Bio-statistics/Live records. ENTERING THE MONTHLY RECORD DIAGNOSIS IN MICROSOFT STAND OUT: After the overview of Diagnoses recorded each and every ward or perhaps clinic in the monthly morbidity book, the information is came into in Microsoft excel schedule, the sheet is assembled intogender, era and in diseases like Eyesight cataracts, Refractive eye, U T My spouse and i, Malaria, Anemia in pregnant state, polio, scrotal diseases, cardio respiratory conditions etc, following your is data cross analyzed it is url to Ghana Statistical web.



NEW KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS ACQUIRED AT MEDICAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT. My presence at the Medical Record Department, I actually acquired so many skills and new knowledge of which are helpful in my research. Among these are:

(a) I develop a very good human relationship with écuries and sufferers. (b) The programme produced my typing speed to boost when going into data. (c) It improves my technology when functions with Ms excel spreadsheet especially working with calculations. (d) I had capacity to work overtime and tolerate any pressure with presence or a shortage of staffs. (e) I get knowledge and experience in working different internet program soft items. (f) More skills were gain in filling of different claim varieties and how to enroll prisoners just before medication.


Sometimes, 3 to 4 staff coming from various parts may come for the Health record room at a go almost all requesting for their folders. Since I was not perfect while using location of almost all the directories in the room, I had formed to struggle in other to serve these people. I had to sit in sitting and working exact same place pertaining to eight hours which was very difficult and stressful because I had to follow purely to the treatment at work by simply reporting very early and closing at nighttime. My shirts get soiled anytime I actually work in the filing space. The files are always messy so once retrieving and filing them on the shelves makes my t shirts become messy.

I had to wake up by dawn in other to join you can actually bus; basically miss the bus i then have to employ my own funds as vehicles. Feeding was obviously a bigblow about me, for the reason that staffs had been fed although the attachment trainees are not.


During my industrial teaching Sunyani Local Hospital, I participated in about any activity that was undertaken at the medical record department which included; Giving barcodes figures on recently patient folders.

Filing of folders within their respective situation on shelves at the processing room. Stuffing of declare forms in the O. L. D.

Entering of daily ward states in Microsoft surpass. Books, files and other requirements needed in out-patient department to record data had been pulled on wheel through the stores.



Upon all the problems I implemented new skills in working overtime with both mature and jr staffs. I had developed ability to operate without anybodies supervision in the field of work. More encounter and technology was obtained in any section or office I was submitted to.


I seen the following during my period of accessory that: The management with the hospital as an example the Medical Record Office is keeping good documents.

Computers sold at their removal, those certainly not meet the so called “standard electronic hospital.  The compound of the Medical center is alluring especially the lawns, building framework and location in the Nursing Schooling College. Top quality food is given to the people on sick and tired bed with good health care delivery. Promoting of shoes, fragrances, ladies tops etc is completed by several staffs, and feeding is inadequate to satisfy all staffs. Mixing of patients folders. After treatment all files are kept in the submitting room yet patients might be after all their folders to be treated but cannot find them.


I was i am so happy of how the supervisors welcome me and trained me to be prepared on the field of work. As well, I question how the employees socialized themselves with me; people may think My spouse and i am an everlasting staff.



University authorities should create even more avenues intended for attachment trainees because it aid students to become well prepared in the field of function. It also serves as a field exactly where students practice of the theoretical aspect leant from school. It must be encourage as much as Higher Nationwide Diploma is involved.


I recommend that staffs whom market with the hospital ought to be prohibited. Add-on trainees needs to be motivated.

I also recommend that appropriate measures should be taking in keeping patients folders. Lastly, foodstuff should be similarly distributed to all or any staffs with the Hospital.

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