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Philippine traditional music essay

Main Document: Filipino folk music Philippine gong music can be divided into two types: the flat tantán commonly known as gangsa and performed by the groupings in the Cordillera region of the bossed gongs played among the list of Islam and animist groupings in the The southern area of Philippines. Kulintang refers to a racked gongo chime device played in the southern destinations of the Israel, along with its varied enclosed ensembles. Several groups will vary ways of playing the kulintang. Two main groups appear to stand-out in kulintang music.

These are the Maguindanaon and the Maranaw. The kulintang instrument by itself could be followed to possibly the introduction of gongs to Southeast Asia supply by china manufacturer from prior to 10th 100 years CE, or even more likely, for the introduction of bossed gong chimes from Java in the 15th 100 years. Nevertheless the kulintang ensemble is considered the most advanced kind of music coming from before the late 16th hundred years and the musical legacy of hispanization in the Philippine archipelago. The tradition of kulintang attire music alone is a local one, predating the developing of region between the Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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That transcends religious beliefs, with animist and Christian ethnic groupings in Borneo, Flores and Sulawesi playing kulintangan; and Muslim teams playing a similar genre of music in Mindanao, Palawan and the Sulu archipelago. It really is distantly related to the Gamelan music orchestras of Java and Bali, as well as the music forms in Mainland Southeast Asia, for the reason that of the use for the same bossed racked tantán chimes that play the two melodical and percussive. Noteworthy folk tune composers are the National Artist for Music Lucio San Pedro, whom composed the famous “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan that recalls about the loving feel of mother to her kid. Another great writer who’s called patriotic composer, Alfredo Buenaventura.

Harana and Kundiman

The Harana and Kundiman happen to be lyrical tunes popular in the Philippine Island destinations dating back to the The spanish language period. Harana are classic courtship music in the Mexican-Spanish tradition based on the habanera rhythm as the Kundiman, which has pre-colonial origins from the Tagalog region, uses triple meter rhythm. Kundiman is also seen as a a minor key at the beginning and shifts into a major enter the second fifty percent. Its lyrics depict a loving theme, generally portraying appreciate, passion, or sadness. Inside the 1920s Harana and Kundiman became more mainstream musical styles led by artists such as Atang de la Rama, Jovita Fuentes, Conching Rosal, Sylvia La Torre and Ruben Tagalog.


The Tinikling can be described as Philippine move which involves two individual artists hitting bamboo bedding poles, with them to defeat, tap, and slide in the grass, and fartand against one another in co-ordination with a number of dancers who steps more than, and in among poles.


The Cariñosa (meaning supportive or caring one), is actually a Philippine nationwide dance through the María Albúmina suite of Philippine folks dances, in which the fan, and handkerchief plays an instrument position as it places the few in romantic endeavors scenario. The dance is comparable to the Específico Tapatío. The Cariñosa can be accompanied with Hispanic music, and language. Additionally it is related to Kuracha, Amenudo and Kuradang inside the Visayas and Mindanao Region.


The Rondalla is conducted on whole suit comprising mandolin instruments of various sizes called banduria composed on the Iberian tradition. Different instruments which include guitars, is likewise performed. It really is original to Spain.


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