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Robert gray s composition flames and dangling wire

How exactly does Robert grey enable the reader to form the audio speakers discovery and it’s really concequences in “Flames and Dangling wire”?.

The impact of the discovery can be far reaching and transformative to get an individual and a larger society. Because conveyed in Robert Gray’s poem, “Flames and Hanging Wire”, the group is asked to discover the two grim encounters at a rubbish dump and in turn discover the frightful vision of carelessness and environmental destruction in our world. From stanza one, we as an audience are presented with an the visual symbolism of an ever burning trash dump.

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As being a society, we are lead to believe that harsh environmental impacts are out of your reach, because of the far distance between all of us and the issue. From this oblivious mindset, we are often provoked to disregard the negative associations, that we because humans are experiencing on the earth, coming from simply getting swept up within a daze of ignorance.

By stanza 1, we are introduced to see our society through a diverse perspective.

We are located mid action, in a scene where the leading part is driving to a rubbish dump from the concrete new world city. The protagonist is in turn, traveling from the familiar into the new over the metaphorical border, which often enables him to rediscover and discover areas of himself and in turn his environment. From stanza one, we could presented with a picture of the length between the junk dump always burning as well as the city, “driven like levels into the globe.. behind us”. This representing that our waste materials is certainly not in overseas locations, but also in turn closer than all of us ever care to thought, such as a predator gradually crawling toward its victim. In stanza 2, we are confronted with visual imagery of “Fog in the hot sun”.

Unclear, and unable to find our the case source of mild, Gray sources both each of our destruction of natural components in life and in turn the suspension in horror films, the place that the moon is usually blanketed by a heap of clouds, allowing the true monsters to come out in the dark of nighttime. In this circumstance, we are the “shadowy figures”, however we are not only in the dark but as well during the day. Additional on in stanza several of the 7 line stanza, Gray features us to a hellish imagery. “Forking above rubbish within the dampened fires”, we while an audience are immediately involved, due to the garbage personifying us as persons, being thrown into the fire by our very own enemy “The devil”.


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