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Human nature in macbeth essay

Macbeth is known as a play that examines being human. During the enjoy there is a significant amount of emphasis on different attributes and sides of human nature. The play illustrates that people have the ability to perform good or evil with what choices they earn and what the ramifications of these actions are, decisions are made that impact the outcome of any person’s future. Macbeth can be described as prime example of the human mother nature in its very worst form. Throughout the enjoy, Macbeth experience somewhat of the fall by grace.

Macbeth’s greed and poor decision making induced him to lose everything he had worked so difficult for. He became engulfed in greed and will stop at not gain what he believed was deservingly his. He went via somebody who had been a strong courageous and well respected person who was an honourable soldier for Scotland. To someone who was thus blinded by simply his hunger for power it went him to incredible plans such as eradicating his very own cousin and best friend, to obtain what was guaranteed him by the witches.

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Macbeth’s perfidy is a huge flaw in his character and component to his human nature.

He murdered his long-time friend and king, Duncan. He had no remorse pertaining to his actions, he was simply concerned intended for his own safety that he didn’t get caught. “The bell invites me. Hear it not, Duncan, for it is known as a knell that summons thee to nirvana or heck.  (act 2, field 1) William shakespeare uses the character of Macbeth to demonstrate to his market that the decisions we generate and the activities we take may be easily affected by simple aspects of being human such as greed, this being hungry for power that some people apparently possess which we can therefore easily always be manipulated by others to accomplish wrong.

Girl Macbeth is extremely manipulative towards her spouse, by asking his member, emotionally blackmailing him your woman brings out his pride to do as your woman desires. “When you durst do it, then you certainly were a male; And, to be more than everything you were, you’d be better with so much more the man.  (act 1, scene 7) Your woman plays around the weakest regions of Macbeth’s personality to manipulate him. “We will proceed no more in this organization.  (act 1, landscape 7) This shows that Macbeth was started not destroy Duncan although Lady Macbeth manipulated him to change this kind of mindset.

And so if weren’t for Girl Macbeth’s toying and treatment of Macbeth he would nevertheless be the honourable man this individual once was. Through Macbeth, William shakespeare uses his main Characters, particularly Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to show the worst of human nature and tried to display his market and one to read the play in the years to come that our choices and actions could be easily motivated by other folks and that every thing we carry out, particularly bad things possess serious outcome, in Macbeths case, The total destruction of himself, his wife fantastic country.


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