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All About Me personally Essay

“Remember that the happiest individuals are not those getting more, yet those offering more”. This kind of quote may be the definition of myself because I find pleasure from portion others and not thinking about me first. That is what makes myself happy and what makes others feel completely happy is when you just give to them and love them. To begin my name is as you know Jacqueline Konzen and I was created at Scripps Hospital the following in San Diego and I have got lived here ever since. I actually grew up within a christian home of 6 people with my mom (jennifer), daddy (timothy), and my 3 brothers known as Micah Nicholas and Landon.

There are three events that contain shaped who also I are today which it my personal mission vacation to Philadelphia a number of summers in the past, my baptism, and the completing of my dear good friend Kiilani. Coming up this summer it will probably be three summers since I went on my personal first ever objective trip to Philadelphia. I was able to be put on the first ever Lady Corps where we worked well alongside a group of special demands children wherever I was able to serve all those children in activities like ziplining or basketball or canoeing.

I generally worked with the zipline in which I found the children because they came straight down and made sure they were in safe hands are they entered back over for the other side. It may not could be seen as a lot of fun after my body was getting reprehended one following another following another but really finding their looks as they archived down is exactly what made it almost all worth it, and how exhilarated these were once they arrived. I as well had one of the other girls with me at times in order to assist if needed that was super great to have organization because right now up to today she is certainly one of my best friends.

The band of girls on this mission trip was this kind of a blessing in conceal, and each and everyone of them added such a vibrant feel for the group and an energy that never lost its jizz. We all grew extremely close to one another inside the 2 weeks that people had jointly and I can definitely say that they are really some of the most essential people around me till today and have been portion of the shaping of who I was today. We certainly have so many good memories with each other from laughter, to having off-road fights, to adventuring throughout the woods, to worshiping The almighty together with our whole hearts, and just totally loving the other person.

It was difficult leaving these kinds of girls understanding that I will not see these people for who knows how long which pennyless my cardiovascular system but That i knew i was always going to have got a special place in their heart and they would always have a particular place in my own. I was thus deeply influenced by this event in the way that I managed make long term friendships That i knew I was not going to lose and I was trained so much over and above what my own brain can occasionally fathom.

Ive learned just about how to take pleasure in someone and present them your heart to take care of them irrespective of they may certainly not give that back, likewise to be fully honest with my friends and open about my life because thats what will make an absolute friendship, and also to just live life in the moment also to not keep anything backside. God includes a big state in my life this is why I decided to get baptized almost two years ago to prove to myself and others i was going to commit my life to God and God only. On august 22nd, 2013 I was baptized in the ocean of the Del Mar seashore, and that was your most wonderful and best day of my life.

It started out since an idea that we just wanted to find out God and make a romantic relationship with Him in 9th grade therefore i decided to study the bible in order to obtain some of those issues. I had analyzed the scriptures for 3 years which happens to be a very long time once some people get baptized following 2 weeks of studying the bible but that was because I had so much to grow in for my character and to only learn about. It absolutely was a long and difficult process nevertheless I knew it had been leading me to make among the best decisions in my life that I will make.

Once I managed to get to the end point of studying the bible, My spouse and i came to the spot where me personally and the persons I was learning with assumed I was prepared to get baptized and to be a disciple of God and Jesus. The information was sent to a few friends and family that we wanted to get baptized, and so then in 7pm everybody that planned to come showed up at the beach. Everyone went around sharing regarding me, most positives. Once the sharing was finished the time had come where I had fashioned to go into the water and possess a full concentration baptism.

I cant actually express how it sensed going into the water and coming out so rejuvenated and could fully feel like a brand new person. I used to be so immensely impacted by this because it improvements my entire life and now I do nothing but everything intended for God. It has been 10 weeks since my good friend Kiilani passed away and and day-to-day doesnt get better. On Come july 1st 23rd previous summer I used to be at dinner with my father in Phila. at an italian restaurant. I had been currently on the mission trip with my personal church which was the 1 night my father could go to me on his business trip.

We were eating food, and I was enjoying a delicious heavenly chiribita pizza that was to perish for and i also noticed experienced received a phone call coming from a good good friend that was at Vegas who had been keeping talking to me and updating myself on how Kiilani was carrying out in the clinic. So I texted him requesting “Whats up? ” nevertheless he couldnt reply and instead called me personally. That was your worst call of my life and the most detrimental thing to ever listen to a friend was that “I just wanted to let you understand that Kii died this afternoon”. Instantly My spouse and i started balling and couldnt stop banging.

I couldnt know how to method that one of my closest friends experienced just handed. Throughout the whole night my dad had considered me back in the camp and he had left to go back to his job, and it absolutely was non stop crying and shaking. My spouse and i continued to feel sick to my own gut but not understanding so why this simply happened. The lady was recovering, and now she had to be extracted from me. It has been an extremely hard 10 months without her here and also being able to textual content her or call her like we accustomed to but I recognize for certain that shes within a better place with Goodness. My whole life changed for this reason event and changed me personally as a person.

If an individual has surprising news or maybe a surprised appear on their deal with the 1st thought I use is not again someone perished. Im very sensitive to death and simply the loss of someone and even seeing the simple movies with understanding someone got died is difficult for me. Specifically going through the months of August-October I actually wasnt frustrated but thus close to that and I couldnt even realize till March how big of a toll this kind of death got on my center and not seal or anything at all had been taken care of which made things even more difficult for me personally emotionally and mentally.

Nevertheless despite this all and the sore in my cardiovascular system theres so much I have learned from this. It has helped me a more appreciative person for lifetime and for those times Im provided with people, and also to take advantage of exactly what is put in front of my face. Also, that Gods timing is perfect and a reason for what reason he took her. He was saving her from anything devastating down the road that may have separated her from Our god, and that is amazing to know and intensely calming to know in which she is plus the life the lady lived pertaining to God.

Overall I know it might appear really tough and such a difficult scenario to go through nonetheless it has made me a better person today. Hence the three primary events around me that have shaped me to who I actually am today are my mission vacation to philadelphia with Girl Corps, my baptism, and the passing of my personal dear friend Kiilani. Through all these situations you can see how the quote pertains back to myself on how My spouse and i get my happiness simply by loving and serving people, and not by what the world may give my from lifestyle experiences and learning from and letting them condition you to who have youre intended to be.

My story began in Parkland Medical center in Based in dallas Texas in November 15, 1965 when I was born Carrol Ann Davis. Weighing 5 pounds when they are born, I misplaced down to a few pounds when the doctors told my mom I would have to gain back about 5 pounds before she’d be able to consider me home. I remained very tiny all my your life. Even today at the age of 49, on the height of 4’10” evaluating in at only 100 pounds. I spent my youth in Dallas with my personal older brother, my father and his parents, two of one of the most loving grandma and grandpa anyone could have had.

I always considered me blessed with two models of parents, my own birth father and mother and my grandparents. My friend and daddy were divorced from the period I was created, and my father always coping with my grandpa and grandma where they will helped him in raising both myself and my brother and so my own grandmother was more of my mom as any mother could be. The lady always informed me I was the daughter the lady never had. I didn’t want to have requested a better mommy than her. I was really blessed. I started school at age 6 due to my own birthday getting after September.

When I is at 1st or perhaps 2nd grade they known as my dad to come to school to talk about the punctuational of my name. It seemed I was spelling this Carol, as I was usually taught being correct and in many cases my dad thought to be the correct way in spelling, when they politely explained was incorrect. On that day that they informed me and my dad that we was to mean it Carrol as it was spelled on my labor and birth certificate and by law needed to be spelled exactly that way. My dad told me this individual never recognized until that day that that is just how it was spelled on my labor and birth certificate.

I still have hardly ever found out who or so why it was spelled that way. However all my lifestyle and even occasionally still I must give people the correct punctuational for many various things necessary. When justin was 13 nearing the end of 7th level I received a report cards with all A’s. I couldn’t believe that I had formed become a straight A student. I even received in the email a notification from the Attorney General congratulating me in the achievement. Then simply started acquiring offers from high educational institutions to go to a college of transact or business. We named them Magnetic schools then simply. One staying Skyline at that time.

Not noticing really what all supposed then, I turned this down. And directly after that I achieved what will soon become my husband. I used to be 13 and he was 18, a man whose little close friend I went to school with. After all of us met life as I recognized it then altered forever. My dad of course did not agree and forbid this. The only way my father knew to avoid it was sending me to live with my personal mother. So then with regards to a year and half after living in Kemp, only a short distance via Dallas, Adam, my husband right now came to observe me with my single mother’s approval. A couple of months after my 15th birthday I recently found I was pregnant.

This is when I actually also learned that all though my dad brought up both my brother and I, my mom had paper legal custody. My parent’s agreement inside their divorce. Sufficient reason for that my mom agreed to we will marry. And at the age of 12-15 on Feb 13, 1981 I was married. Five several weeks later, Come july 1st 26, 1981 my little girl was born then five years after that, nearly to the working day, July twenty three, 1986, my personal son came to be. My husband James and I basically just recognized 34 years this month about Friday the 13th. I actually dropped out of school when justin was 15 following finding out I had been pregnant.

Couple of years later when justin was 17 I actually tried to return but was not able to afford babysitting and go to school full-time. When I attemptedto get my own GED they informed me I was too small. So I gave up. At the age of 19 I arrived a job with Hartford Insurance Group wherever I worked well for 13 years. I started out inside the mail room and had proved helpful my way up the step ladder to Says Service Consultant. Earned an Adjusters Certificate in Workers Compensation. However , still missing the necessary educational background there was no further developments for me.

I got aggravated and left the corporation. Then regarding 10 years later on, at the age of 44, my husband Adam of 3 decades and I built some seriously bad choices that ended up us both in jail. Nevertheless it was in that case and presently there where I had been able to go to school and get my personal GED. The primary goal in my life was to receive my GED, now below I was, not really somewhere My spouse and i ever anticipated to be and the most certainly not happy with, but when I actually received that certificate of achievement I was extremely proud. Something I had had a desire for and pretty much threw in the towel on at any time receiving.

Next I was even more determined to carry on with my goal or perhaps as I want to call it, my own dream, and that is to continue my own education by simply going to university. I always loved mathematics, working together with numbers and wanted to very own my own organization someday. My personal goal now could be to generate a degree in operation Management along with Accounting. I’m non-e to happy with some of the options I’ve made in life but I am a very very pleased wife of 34 years, mother of two and grandmother of 4. I feel Now i’m finally attaining my goals and dreams that I possess longed for since an extremely young age and extremely determined to achieve success.

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