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Orwell versus huxley essay

Erich Fromm, Daring New World, 1984, Dystopia

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Daring New World

The 2 books 1984 and Daring New World reflect futuristic views that are pretty many and dichotomous. Indeed, 1984 reflects a new of dystopia and punitive government as the work Brave New World reflects one of more utopian circumstances but is no less handled and crafted by a expert plan. The noted social critic Neil Postman évidence that Huxley’s version on the planet in Daring New World more closely matches that of the current actual world. However , while there is definitely some materials of real truth to that, there are several facets of Brave New World which are not in place at this point and the likelihood of that changing in the foreseeable future is definitely practically zero in the watch of the author of this report.


Initial up on this report is a compare and contrast with the two functions in general terms. First off, an obvious difference involving the two literature is that 1984 is a dystopian view while Brave ” new world ” is utopian. In 1984, suffering and struggle may be the norm as well as the oppressive federal government is in finish command and control. There is also command and control inside the Brave ” new world ” system but it is described quite in another way and is recognized much in another way by the people. The need to duplicate is not an issue as individuals are “hatched. ” People are as well assigned to their life’s task of work thus there is not any competition. However , there are several issues that can be rather macabre or immoral to some. Casual sex may be the norm plus the concept of family is considered indecent. While some take board with the contraception belts and so forth, character Linda laments being treated like a jogging, talking clitoral stimulators. Linda’s revelation about her son plus the scandal linked to the father of said kid (the Director) (Orwell)(Huxley).

The view outside the window of Postman when he says that the circumstances in females are more such as a Brave ” new world ” than 1984 is actually quite accurate, as well as for a number of factors. First, while the modern associated with today through no means a moreover in the eyes of many, treating sex like a minor and trivial point given the consequences it can give such as Linda’s child plus the perception of some that they are just love-making objects rather than people is strong parallels and corollaries to modern-day society. Likewise applicable to today’s world is the use of drugs (soma) and having into a life’s path. Many people are fine with their assigned whole lot in life nevertheless Linda is absolutely not as the girl wants these soma and her metropolis life backside. Also, the attraction of family with Linda is usually obvious presented her birth child set up general practice and feeling about family in society is definitely verboten (Orwell)(Huxley).

Another test out case within a Brave New World that can be in comparison to modern society in america and Europe is that of David who revels in sleeping with whichever women the lady wants. As well prevalent in both A Brave New World and modern society is the huge range that is referred to in the book and a general roiling of several against the whole lot that they have recently been assigned anytime. Indeed, a large number of people in the United States (just jointly example country) speak of the “death” of the middle school, the need for money wage and racial tensions. There is significant blowback against anyone that claims the slavery and racism of the “past” is over. 1 need only go through the LA riots in the 1990’s or Ferguson, MO right not to find this in action (Orwell)(Huxley).

The “big brother” and other aspects in 1984 can be to some extent drawn to their particular but not practically to the magnitude and level presented available. While rivalry is indeed within several areas of the world, with most of it getting in Africa and the Central East, almost all of the current real world is tranquil. There is

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