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American myths the banner is composition

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As Maggie Atwood highlights, Americans possess as much to be ashamed of concerning be pleased with.

When Barbara Kingsolver statements “The ideals we battled for and won you will find best understood, I think, simply by oil firms, ” she refers to the way the American banner has been distorted. The issues the flag represents, such as independence and liberty, are misconceptions for many people. Since Kingsolver highlights, the American flag have been used to rationalize many evils including battles like Vietnam and Iraq. Instead of delivering true freedom, liberty, and democracy, the American banner really brought economic dependence. Instead of associating the American flag with negativity, fatality, and intimidation, Kingsolver suggests that Americans claim back it. The red lines do not need to stand for war. They will also symbolize “blood donated to the Red Cross. “

The American flag can be described as flexible sign that is frequently used in ways that manipulate people. The flag is therefore like a promoción tool. It might mean long lasting American people believe this to suggest. The American flag continues to be used in many unconventional ways. At Woodstock, a well-known photograph shows a couple while using American banner wrapped around them like a quilt. The banner means love and peace in this case, and freedom. When folks burn the American flag, they are producing a powerful politics statement too. Burning the flag usually means that some kind of hatred for what the us stands for. Following President Rose bush invaded Iraq, many persons in the Middle East burned the American banner in demonstration. The American flag is oftentimes burned in political protests in the United States, also. Protesting against war is among the nontraditional uses for the flag as a image.

The American flag is used in many business settings also. For example , a few packaging has American banner images as well as the flag is often worn about sports jerseys. In individuals cases, the flag means patriotism and pride. The flag can be used to distinguish American athletes on the Olympics or at any other global competition. American red flags might be used abroad to demonstrate what vocabulary or foreign currency is being employed. Sometimes the American flag is useless, such as launched used as decoration or in ways that are not political by any means.

However , individuals that wear a flag on their clothing usually are making an argument that they are very pleased to be People in america. The flag is the greatest sign to be patriotic. The American banner also symbolizes the rich history of the country from the time the groupe won the War of Independence until the expansion westward. That record is filled with myths about Manifest Destiny plus the American Desire. The American flag symbolizes freedom from oppressive varieties of government, which can be one of the most crucial American ideals. Even if American citizens are unhappiness with their govt, the government is still a democracy.

Nevertheless , the American flag really does suggest a number of the cultural myths that information American society. When children pledge allegiance to the banner in school, they can be taught a large number of myths regarding American history and culture. Youngsters are taught that all citizens can perform the American Dream. In fact , many Americans simply cannot achieve their very own financial or career desired goals. The flag represents the parable that all People in america are equal. In fact , not every Americans happen to be equal. The American flag is most of an ideal. The flag is a symbol of the best of what American culture aims to be. Independence, liberty, and justice for any are only misguided beliefs until they become realities.


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