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Jean watsons theory and patricia benner s skill

Patient Attention, Nursing Proper care, Nursing Shortages, Human Caring

Excerpt by Essay:

Application of Theory to the Practice Problem of Nurse Staffing needs

Nursing hypotheses are important in shaping just how practitioners release their obligations or help to make decisions related to the service delivery in healthcare. The subsequent study is exploring and applies a middle range theory to an recognized problem in nursing jobs. Theory could be applied to solve nursing challenges especially in the administration of medical care providers. The study will demonstrate the benefits of applying theory to solve a nursing dilemma. Jean Watsons human qualified theory and Patricia Benners Skill Buy theory have been completely applied to analyzing and responding to the problem of nursing scarcity.

A Brief Synopsis of the Difficulty

Nursing lack is a common injury in many international locations, and the Usa suffers from similar problem. Sometimes, retired rns have been contacted to cover the gap in a variety of health establishments (Grant, 2016). The scarcity is seen as a a few medical staff whom are forced to work extra hours to fill the gaps of vacant positions. The materials on this topic indicates that adequate medical staff leads to quality care for patients (Kritek Hickey, 2011). However , lack of adequate healthcare professionals adversely impacts patient results and fulfillment. The nursing jobs shortage does not only connect with adequate figures some of which are misplaced because of accidental injuries, burnout, and overwork. The situation extends to the effect on individual care plus the nursing staff when patient, and compassionate care is definitely lacking and its impact on the nurse as well as the patient (Grant, 2016). Healthcare organizations possess tried to make use of traditional methods such as preservation plans and financially structured strategies to addresses the issue without any success. Even so, application of nursing theories towards the identified issue will help provide insights and interventions, which may help support the nursing staff, improve care delivery and patient results.

The Appropriate Middle-Range Theory to Suppress Nursing Lack Problem

Blue jean Watsons individual caring theory and Benners model are grand ideas, which help the existential practice of breastfeeding (Schmidt Brown, 2015). The human caring theory emphasizes in caring for the whole patient. Therefore , nurses must care about a patients physique, mind, and spirit for the healing process to occur in a optimal level. Watson is convinced that nurturing is a science which moves past an intellectualization in the issues (Schmidt Brown, 2015). Therefore , she invites us to revisit the phenomenon of the human condition. This theory is appropriate to the identified problem mainly because applying this sort of abstract principles of spirituality, love and caring towards the practice of nursing may help stratify the concept of human qualified.

In contrast, Benners model will help us treat the current concern by applying the ideas of education. As an example, it is important to recognize the learning and satisfaction needs of nurses and classify all of them as per the five levels of skill acquisition (Smith Liehr, 2014). The process will help in determining experts who have could provide a mentoring and teaching role to nurses whom are still in the novice to beginner stages. By learning the skill level of nurses, health-related facilities can prepare their particular nursing personnel in the education role effectively.

The Theorys Origins

Jean Watson recommended the human caring theory more than three decades ago (Watson Watson, 2012). Her interest to produce this theory stems from her personal experiences, studies, and view regarding the nursing curriculum. Her personal misfortunes including losing her husband and her vision shaped her journey with regards to developing this kind of theory. The main focus of her theory is always to give a deep meaning to nursing through what the girl calls the carative factors (Smith Liehr, 2014). Benner developed the skill purchase model as a result of applying the Dreyfus version that was proposed in 1984 (Schmidt Brown, 2015). His version proposes five phases of skill obtain namely amateur, beginner, qualified, proficient and expert.


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