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Iron as one of the most common useful metals

Air Pollution, Carbon Dioxide

Iron is one of the most common and useful metals in our lives. It is found in small jewelleries to big buildings and structures. Yet , though we have a high demand of iron, natural iron is not easy to find in nature. Medical solution How is this material extracted? Clarify the medical knowledge at the rear of the extraction method. (Must be fully described that you really need words to show you completely understand) Contain pictures/ blueprints (Must become referred to in the paragraph) (maximum: 100 words) Iron normally exists in a form of flat iron oxide in iron pépite. To remove pure iron, carbon is the main ingredient just for this process. It is because carbon is somewhat more reactive than iron it will displace (removing another compound from a less reactive metals) flat iron from iron oxide. This process is called decrease reaction. Iron(III) oxide + carbon ‘ iron + carbon dioxide 2Fe2O3(s) + 3C(s) ‘ 4Fe(l) + 3CO2(g)

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From this process, a whole lot of heat is required so it’s done in a blast heater. You will also will need limestone from this process to eliminate the impurity such as silicon dioxide. Pros and cons Advantages about the extraction method: Hyperlink to one of social, economical, ethnical, ethical, environmental factors Support with data/figures/research Link to town/country/world (maximum: 75 words) Disadvantages about the extraction approach: Link to certainly one of social, cost-effective, cultural, honest, environmental factors Back up with data/figures/research Url to town/country/world (maximum: 70 words)

Edge: Extracting straightener with carbon dioxide reduction excellent as once carbon combines with air, it will type carbon dioxide that can escape quickly and will not have to have further filtration to extract the metal. Likewise, not only carbon is used intended for reduction, it is additionally acting as a fuel source as flat iron needs a actually high temperature to melt the iron pépite. Disadvantages: Straightener mining and extracting requires a lot of blasting, burning up and going. Blasting and drilling will cause a lot of dust and is bad for well being especially the lungs. The extraction method will create co2. These polluting of the environment will cause a lot of complications for the citizens. For instance , it is approximated to have 1 ) 6 million deaths in China caused by air pollution. Analysis Evaluate how successful the extraction approach solve the problem with additional evidence. (maximum: 50 words) I think that the extraction method is very effective, it is because its very easy and inexpensive, and can remove a lot of pure iron in a small amount of time. However , it causes a lot of smog. Works Cited You should print out your

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