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Aim of My Life Essay

Gentleman is born in this world to perform some noble deeds. He needs to have a noble aim in the life. This individual should really try after it.

This will likely lead him to success and he will probably be able to satisfy his goal. The aim of my entire life The aim of living is to save the people from their physical illnesses. Hence, I would like to be a doctor.

My value for my aim anytime A man must look into his benefits and drawbacks before this individual settles the purpose of his your life. I have deemed both of the sides. This points work in favor of my purpose.

I have already been doing very well in Scientific research and Mathematics. I like to attend on the patients. I like to nurse the sick folks. My father features enough cash to put in a medical school. Hence, it will not be difficult personally strive following my respectable aim.

My personal work once i become a doctor After I turn into a doctor, My spouse and i shall wide open a center in my village I shall visit the individuals. I shall charge really small fee for visit because I do unlike to be rich. I want simply to maintain my family.

I shall sell great medicines for the sick persons. I shall charge all of them possible low price for the medicines. My spouse and i shall work hard. I shall take pride in saving lives coming from death and disease.

I actually shall identity and popularity as a very good doctor. My spouse and i shall gain name and fame since an honest doctor. Conclusion The goal of my life is obviously noble.

With it I might not become rich. Nevertheless I shall get the true blessing of Our god

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