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Learning Team A Reflection Essay

During this course, we established a foundation understand Business Details Systems.

This kind of week’s aims were to describe how wi-fi technologies are used in the workplace as well as how to use spreadsheets in business conditions. While some people of Crew A had been well versed in Microsoft tools, others had their initial lesson on Microsoft’s Stand out and Gain access to fundamentals. Staff A’s users range from task management manager whom attained their particular Associate Degree in Computer-programming, a strategies specialists to get Amazon. com, a staff in the Hilton Hotel sector, and a wine educator working in hospitality—all very different domains with various levels of data systems backdrop.

While for a lot of it was a review, Team A can almost all agree that every and every certainly one of us attained a better understanding on how and why information systems attain business objectives. Cheryl knew the degree by which wireless solutions kept users plugged into the internet. She was aware that cell phones and their various accessories allowed users to access their e-mail, schedules, mobile banking and participate in ecommerce as well as help to make online payments—she learned that M-commerce another growing trend. Because of telemedicine, modern tools has allowed the medical community to provide assistance via videoconferencing.

In addition , she learned that creating and employing access points to create meshed networks called a Wide Place Network (WAN) (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). Xavier learned the significance of wifi technology in everyday life. Specifically, he learned of the different functions of varying satellite television types to communicate data. Kelly learned all about the two basic operations of information mining. According to Rainer and Cegielski (2011), data mining capabilities in “predicting tendencies and manners and discovering previously unfamiliar patterns” (chap.

11). Angeliza discovered that Wi fi was abbreviated for Wifi Fidelity plus the synchronization of using Microsoft company Excel with Access. Together with the objectives of Week a few in mind, Group A users have located varying ways that we can apply what we have learned in the classroom in our professional or perhaps personal lives. As a project manager, Cheryl can make use of Excel to cost of merchandise (COGS) products on hand.

As a logistic specialist, Xavier can use spreadsheets in making employee prospect lists and creating reports to reflect the quantity of gets used on a daily basis. As a team member in hospitality, Kelly can use data exploration to track lodge guests’ register and choices. In customer service, Angeliza may use the point of sale program to analyze the day’s sales and results (Rainer & Cegielski, 2011). The learning activities and blood pressure measurements have left each member of Crew A after some more expertise than we had previously. Cheryl knows that Microsoft company Excel and Access are a perfect duo: Excel creates the tables that can be exported to Access where data is usually analyzed.

Xavier learned tips on how to more effectively incorporate spreadsheet into his daily work schedule. Kelly knows the position of wireless information devices in the creation of invoices for clients and making it simpler to estimate daily funds sales. Angeliza learned that the girl doesn’t should be an THIS specialist to assess data from Excel with Access. Despite our different experience, Team A members may agree that individuals all attained a better understanding on how Info Systems performs into efficiently and more successfully completely organization goals.

Week 3’s lesson on spreadsheets and wifi technologies makes us more proficient in chinese of information systems in the workplace and our daily lives.

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