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Is It Ok To Cry At Work, Case Study Essay

1 What factors do you think generate some businesses ineffective in managing emotions?

A There are plenty of factors that make organizations unproductive at controlling emotions. The first factor is the intricate human pondering. Not everybody think and act in the same way to a particular situation.

Therefore the organization faces difficulties when ever handling all their employees. The web even worse in the event the organization is very large. In the event the organization is usually large this means it is varied. The employees participate in different background and different lifestyle which makes even more complicated for the corporation to understand feelings of the employees. Some organizations even think that emotions happen to be disruptive and they will interfere with the employee’s capacity to work.

They will don’t let their staff to conveys their emotions and thoughts. The managers should be provided training to comprehend the emotions and thoughts of others. The business should be in regular contact with the employees so they could understand the feelings and emotions from the employees. Thoughts are the psychological responses into a particular incident.

This is very hard to expect. At the time you can’t anticipate a thing how can you manage that? So all of us can’t pin the consequence on organization for not managing emotions effectively.

References: Text publication and my own understanding of the subject. 2 Do you consider the proper use and display of emotions serve to protect employees, or does covering your true feelings at work result in more challenges than it solves? A. Covering of the emotions can occasionally ensure a work is done efficiently and flawlessly. However protecting your emotions will certainly lead to mental stress.

So it will be better to screen true thoughts at work. How much does it mean? You shout at your supervisor if you are not happy?

NO . You should be expressing your emotions depending upon a lot of factors. Some of the people are are these the best emotions? Waiting for the right time and right place. I would like to state a good example where exhibiting emotions within a strategic way can help you. My brother works as remedy engineer at VCE.

Recently during the The holiday season he had every week off after three months of heavy plan and was planning for a vacation. But suddenly his administrator has called him and assigned some work to him and told him to total in a week. He was very disappointed yet he provides agreed to the actual work and even completed the work.

He had to work also during the vacations. After fourteen days he traveled to the supervisor and talked to him that he is overloaded and needs a break. The manager noticed his record and granted him a couple weeks of all paid trip to CAL. So I feel that employees should display all their emotions in a right method and at the right time will definitely make them. 3 Have you ever performed where emotions were utilized as part of a management design?

Describe the benefits and disadvantages with this approach inside your experience. A. I have never worked in an organization in which emotions are being used as part of a management style. Hence Let me consider that I work in an organization that uses emotions within a administration style. Just for this I will consider my class as a business to explain my own understanding. Here, I will consider me and my classmates as workers and my professor as the supervisor.

Considering me in this environment and noting that this organization(classroom) uses feelings as a part of the management style, I can feeling the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: i actually. When my personal manager is within a good disposition he can help me with my own work.

2. I can go over any problems that I have with my manager freely and get his suggestion iii. When everyone is in a great mood, work progresses better. iv. Everyone would be secure in speaking about their problems with each other.

Cons: i. When the boss is at a bad feeling the employees would have to handle each of the consequences. 2. The work pressure would seem to become higher than it can be with the manager scolding employees. iii. Because of that, the work progress of the staff will become low. iv. Because discussed in the lecture, the job pleasure will be decreased. v. Because of this the employees will certainly sometimes want to quit the job. some Research shows that acts of fellow workers (37 percent) and managing (22 percent) cause even more negative feelings for employees than do serves of customers (7 percent).

What can Laura’s company carry out to change their emotional environment? A In the research it is clear that act of fellow workers cause more negative feelings for employees accompanied by management and lastly act of customers. To change the emotional local climate the organization should certainly hold some sort of activities to strengthen the associations.

They should bring in a reward program for good patterns, excellent and etc. Also, the manager needs to be taught to control his feelings and help to make him recognize that by demonstrating his anger in the employees he is actually causing damage to the company, as the employees are sense manipulated , nor want to stay in that workplace. I have researched in chapter 1 it is the manager’s responsibility to motivate employees and make sure they are working effectively to contribute to the progress with the organization.

As well they should Improve communication between staff and managers. At this time they can be close friends and come together in a better way. The corporation should get included in the employees keep pace with understand and try to solve their problems. They should avoid presenting negative emotions like scolding, shouting as much as possible so they could be a positive environment.

Last but the most important thing is attempting a bit of wit here and there anytime it is possible. With these you will see a positive environment in which the personnel are inspired/motivated to operate and show better results.

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