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Christian Philosophy Reflection Essay

……Life is like a blackboard.

It’s empty to begin with, so we have to fill it whatever we wish but with a virtue. Were not delivered a purpose, we live to get a purpose. Therefore go ahead and compose something on your own blackboard……….

Man is like a crown? For what reason? Same as a crown, individual also have gemstones that symbolizing, reflecting, symbolizing him numerous splendored elements and areas of being human being – the physical, intellectual, moral, faith based, social, personal, economic, emotional, sentient, esthetic, sensual and sexual. Those splendored personas are items given by our creator that individuals should to treasure and foster.

At the same time, all those aspects were bestowed about man and for the purpose to serve for the betterment and perfection not only for an individual man however for all humanity. For when needed of final reckoning, God can judge gentleman not according to his gifts, possessions, positions yet according to his works. As we shoot for our living and success which is DELIGHT, we are also striving for our dignity to get dignified for making it worthy, because dignification without dignity is baseless.

These lifestyle of our bait acquiring knowledge in the first place is called Essentialism that we can used to work and to develop His gifts for the betterment or perhaps add everything to it. This chapter genuinely taught me personally: Why we could here? Precisely what is the purpose of the existence?

That gives a clear look at and helpful information in what to do in my daily lives. I could move which has a greater target and quality everyday of my life. My personal objectives, programs, and goals will be easy for me how to accomplish through applying this kind of purpose to a single of us. Whilst striving for this, we’ll just need to ask some guidance that help from Him that He will ever present in our daily struggling.

In addition , we need also to act after His compliance, doing good deeds and correct actions having a virtue. We should love His other creation same to how we appreciate ourselves including plants, animals and our mother Earth. We’ll just need to demonstrate care and kindness including not throwing trash everywhere, by sowing trees and by prohibiting people to strictly steer clear of hunting any kinds of animals. It helps me as well to be more faithful to God, to be grateful to Him that He gives us a very fabulous life and splendored body.

To give Him thanks, I recently need to foster and develops His items to all of us by helping other creation of God and not to abuse it. These issues really reflect to me which should also examine by all students to enlighten these people and may utilize this as their assistance in life. We all just carry on love, trust and dedicated to HIM- our founder, GOD.

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