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Learning Activity for Western Civilization Essay

Western society was broken up in estates. These properties were the Church, the Nobility and Peasantry.

Imagine contemporary american society has been split up into three locations. I would declare it will be split up as follows: the Political school, the Wealthy class as well as the Working class. Although all of us lived in the same country we were broken down in estates. The Political school, were considered as the law makers. This included the Guru, Judges, legal representatives and anyone dealing with national politics.

They were majority men and dressed in the best possible custom made meets around. Politicians only linked themselves with other politicians and the wealthy course. This was because the wealthy generally funded the Politicians.

The wealthy category, were those who were either born prosperous or became wealthy and was able to take care of the lifestyle. If you were a person of prosperity, you would be regarded by your physical appearance. A person of this class dressed in the most expensive garments of famous designers.

They lived in lavish homes located in the best neighborhoods the town center. They also went the finest autos. Their children existed the same way of living as their father and mother. Then we have the working school. These individuals produced life less difficult for the Political and Wealthy class.

The reason was because they were expected to improve money. This meant that the roles or function that the upper classmen would not want to do, the working class do. They occupied an entirely several part of the neighborhood or town.

When you see the average working class person, that they dressed in entry level clothing, just like someone who shops at the Goodwill or music store. This is because these were underpaid to get the work they performed. So could just afford the inexpensive items included the cars.

These were individuals that were happy in which they were and did not proper care to fit together with other estates. This is how I believe contemporary american society would be broken in to if we had been still in medieval contemporary society.

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