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Leadership hypotheses application case study

Management, Organizational Leadership, Effective Leadership, Professionalism

Excerpt from Case Study:

Command Application

Effective leadership contains a big position to play when it comes to the life and success of any firm. Leadership normally transforms precisely what is potential into a reality. Command is which means successful take action that delivers success to all or any of the powerful potential that is in an organization as well as their people. Each day there are fresh paradigms which might be proposed as well as the old ones are loosing their effectiveness. Leadership is definitely therefore an important way whereby people normally change the heads of other people and guide forward for the accomplishment from the goals which have been identified within an organization. Businesses need frontrunners so as to navigate and produce new personnel familiar with how things go about in the firm. in this case George Latour is usually making attempts of leading and coaching a fresh employee in the organization, Sherry Stern. Even so the relationship among this two immediately moves downhill because the leadership style that George employs works afoul in the sense of professionalism held by Shelly. This implies which the leadership style that George used was not appropriate consequently the reason why these people were not getting along as well as they ought to have been carrying out (Fryer, Goodnight, Goulston, Lawrie Chappelow, 2004).

George’s management style

The leadership style that George was using when coping with Shelly was autocratic management. This is also referred to as authoritarian management and is seen as a leader that has control over almost all decisions and very little type from other associates of the team which they will be in charge of. This sort of leaders makes decisions based upon their own tips and judgments and rarely accepts any kind of suggestions that are made by their followers. This command style entails a leader that dictates the policies and also procedures and makes the decision for the goals that are to be attained as well as leading and manipulating the activities without accepting virtually any form of involvement from others. as an autocratic head George thought that Shelly requires immediate supervision on a regular basis or else the lady can not run effectively (Benincasa, 2007).. This individual believes that it can be his role as a innovator to control Shelly as a worker who is under him as he thinks that Shelly might be having an aversion for operate and can abstain from it anytime she feels just like. He as well holds the thought that employees have to be compelled through pressure, authority or perhaps intimidation, directed or even insecure with some sort of punishment to enable them to accomplish precisely what is required of them by the corporation. Some of the actions by George made Shelly feel anxious and made her feel a foul in her perception of professionalism. This is not what she predicted from this new work environment and from George as her leader. Yet , George sensed as if having been doing absolutely nothing wrong although simply doing exercises his command as he understands best. This brought about a conflict between the two seeing that George thought he was just exercising his normal work as a innovator while Shelly felt the lady was being anxious as a worker particularly due to the fact that she was also keeping a managerial position much like George.

Examination of the management style

The autocratic management style displayed by George was in no way an appropriate about. First of all in the event this management style was appropriate then the relationship between the two will not quickly get downhill as it did. Whether it was really ideal then the two would have started it away well and there will not be any kind of conflict or perhaps complain among these two. This kind of style had not been appropriate because the communication that was used was one-way where George was giving instructions and Shelly was expected to

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