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Growth tendency and prospects on the foodstuff

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Meals is an important part of our lives, this is why the way it can be grown, make and carried is worth understanding and bettering. The food industry causes a number of industrial activities directed at the processing, alteration, preparation, maintenance and providing of food items. This sector the food market focuses on those activities that hook up supply demand and intake of foods for the raising population.

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Expansion trend in food sector plays a significant role and is associated right to the farming sector. Farming sector may be the essential key component of food sector because this sector supplies the raw materials intended for food processing for the consumers inside their day by day basis of food consumption. The government is also the main element factor intended for the development of foodstuff sector since government supports the agricultural sector for the development and improvement in the needs of individuals in terms of food consumption. Also we need to take a concern about the provision and demand on how the provision affects the necessity and how the demand affects the provision of the certain product. Intended for an example if the supply to get an gardening product goes up, the price of the merchandise goes down plus the demand for the product can go up because its expense lessen.

If we talk about agricultural items, there are several main essential produce of agriculture which are the, vegetation, livestock, chicken and fishery.

Since Philippines is agricultural bottom country and these several major develop of the farming sector can be rich in the nation, this primary produce are definitely the reason for the satisfaction intended for food consumption and then for our your survival, however there are a few situations that this products fall its production in some years due to different scenario like in 2009 and 2010 were drought arise during 2009, causing a declining production in 2010 mainly because in the volume of production in 2010 is the consequences of the drought that result from 2009. In 2013, Grain crop production devastated by simply typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). In 2015 the sector’s overall performance was negatively affected by the long dried spell and damages due to Typhoon Lando and because of this storm in 2016 palay and corn farms which suffered the most damaged, and in 2016, excessively dried conditions due to a strong El Niño and also excessively damp conditions as a result of typhoons and because of this events the supply of crops took place which damaged the production as well as the consumers as what I said above conversation about supply and require.

Potential customers of the food sector today are going up and will be continuing to move up for the countless years as the growing demand for convenience has led to the expansion of the Filipino food industry in the form of prêt à manger restaurants and casual cusine restaurants. Big companies restaurants can also be growing, specially in Metro Manila because of its fast growing inhabitants and the larger demand with the products. Competition for take out restaurants giving different principles of advertisement convincing consumers to make an effort their products, together with the operators within a restaurant usually interested having new and thrilling menu concepts to fascinate consumers.

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