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Family members business case 5 vega food

Family Organization

Case 5

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The Vega Meals company owner Francisco Cuenca Sr acquired just recently died and now the rest of the is having problems together with the money, investors and exactly what the littermates responsibilities in the company. Francisco Jr has been practicing there the longest and has the most experience functioning along side his dad inside the company. His four sisters are now wanting more percentage of the stocks and shares in the business. The main problem is with his small sisters Mari who wants even more responsibility inside the family business.

Francisco received a big CEO salary and bonus that the sisters don’t receive almost as much as this individual did. They will thought it was unfair. This issue seem to harm the company in sales.

After calling a family group meeting, a consultant got everything straightened out out for what each member of the family had to do and the particular shareholders desired out of the company and what percentage of shares each of them had.

This problem manage to hurt the business in sales. Francisco appears to be the right person to take almost all of the responsibilities mainly because was proved helpful there the longest and knows what to do.

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Mari wanted from the company intended for feeling that she was not treated not much different from the way as other siblings therefore Francisco bought her shares out. Everyone always believes that they almost all deserve precisely the same percentage and same amount of earnings at the work place but that just does not happen in real life. If perhaps Mari wished to stay in the organization I think that they could have offered each other a little bit more percentage inside the shares but nevertheless having Francisco have the highest percentage.

Additionally, it never really stated what your woman did pertaining to the company and just how she could help the company. She just thought that she deserved more shares. Personally We don’t think that is fair even though your family will not mean you’re entitled to have shares inside the company. In the end I think Mari merely had enough and wanted to give her stocks up and move on in her your life.

After studying what the relatives did to over come this issue I thought itseem to be the great for both the organization and Mari. Now their sales have been going up and the company is growing and doing good with new employees. In the event they didn’t resolve this challenge I think the organization would have been destroyed and more feelings might have been damage in the long run. As well being a very good CEO, Francisco saw a difficulty and decided to do something about it.


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