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Albert camus influential novel the unfamiliar

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

Albert Camus’ influential book, the Stranger, a great operate of existentialism, examines the absurdity of life and indifference on the planet. This newspaper provides a brief summary of the story, and outlines a few of the novel’s main themes.

The novel’s protagoinist, Meursault, is actually a distanced and indifferent child. He will not believe in The almighty, and lives his your life with seemingly sensuous get away from. After Meursault is involved in the existence of a neighborhood pimp, he rather inexplicably murders a new man within the beach, which is put on trial. In a absurd and seemingly arbitrary trial, he is essentially tried and located guilty intended for failing to adhere to society’s values and morals. It is during this kind of trial that Meursault relates to terms with all the absurdity of life.

The Stranger begins with the information that Meursault’s mother offers died. Creates Camus, “Mother died today. Or maybe the other day, I don’t know. I had a telegram from the home: ‘Mother passed away. Funeral the next day. Yours sincerely. ‘ It doesn’t mean anything. It may have been completely yesterday” (p. 9). Right here, the somewhat disturbing detachment of Meursault’s recounting of his mom’s death units the distanced and negative tone pertaining to his experiences throughout the story.

Meursault requires two days away work to go to the home where his mother lived. In the home he meets the warden and caretaker, and views his mother’s human body. At the house, Meursault naps, talks to the caretaker, and drinks some white coffee. He activities his mother’s friends, and notes that he had ” the preposterous impression that they can were there to judge me” (p. 15). The very next day, Meursault problems with the heat during his mother’s funeral service, while his mother’s fiance, Thomas Perez, is overcome with grief. Meursault looks forward to returning residence, and obtaining the chance to rest for 12 hours straight.

The very next day, Saturday, Meursault decides to the beach. Right now there he complies with Marie Cardona, who he frolics within the water. Later, although Marie is to some degree disturbed in the death of Meursault’s mother, she wants to see a funny with him that nighttime. The next morning, Meursault likes lunch on the balcony, and amuses himself by viewing people go by.

On Mon, Meursault goes toward work. This individual joins his friend Emmanuel for lunch time, takes a quick sleep and comes back to operate. After operate to incurs his neighbour Salamano and his dog. This individual also activities Raymond, who may be rumored as a pimp, and they discuss Raymond’s cheating girlfriend, and his discord with an Arab. Other week goes on in the same manner, with Meursault attending the movies with Emmanuel, and a going swimming with Jessica. They be in the water again, and your woman asks him if this individual loves her, to which this individual replies inch that it don’t mean anything but that I failed to think so” (p. 38). They are interrupted by the high in volume noises via a combat between Raymond and his sweetheart. Salamano records that this individual has misplaced his puppy, and meows with suffering.

Meursault receives a call from Raymond work, that

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