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A study of the benefits of solar power for non

Solar powered energy

Country lighting and electrification is the goal of any government, in an effort to improve the level of financial productivity and living criteria of the people in the rural areas. In an effort to improve his economic figurine and living standards of his friends and family, Olman a farmer in Atlantida, Honduras, seeks to get a loan by means of a solar home system from Soluz Honduras through KIVA. Olman seeks that loan for the purchase of the solar home system to increase output from his cows in terms of dairy production and plants with regards to storage and irrigation. In references to this, Olman can repay the loan from the increased levels of profits to be experienced from the presence of a frequent form of renewable energy. He is a great beneficiary of the initiative embarked on of electrification of the non-urban areas.

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Atlantida in Honduras can be characterized by a climatic condition that fosters days with firm hours of the hot sun and short rainy conditions. This makes countryside subsistence farming to become frantic and uneconomic as there exists little rain to support the crops and the hot suns easily dries the dirt. With the occurrence of a sun home system, the character can be capable of easily catch the benefits of the hot sun with a constant method to obtain renewable energy and use the strength to pump and irrigate plant life from the waterways that are not periodic. The energy could also be used to assist in rearing in the animals that may provide a constant source of healthy proteins for the family and raise the income gained from their sales.

The solar panel will be used to lighten up the home and minimize the chances of attacks by cows rustlers and thieves. The darkness in your home sometimes will act as an advantage to criminals who also may keep pace with steal through the families in Atlantida. This will improve the level of security in the rural areas, especially when the solar panels have already been installed simply by several families. The frequency in criminal offenses will be restrained and decreased. There will also be an increased in the number of monetary activities that the residents will probably be engaged in as there will be much less crime.

Currently the residents of Atlantida use gasoline lamps and candles which pose a peril with their health and their homesteads. The inhalation from the smoke made by the aforementioned impacts the gaseous exchange approach to an individual and could increase the frequency of pulmonary diseases. In addition , using lamps at night traces the eye and could bring about eyesight concerns in old age. The lighting fixtures also can conveniently ignite and cause fires as they contain a highly combustible fluid. Deadly carbon monoxide from smoking contributes to 18% of the volume of gases that erode the ozone part, a reduction in the amount of smoke unveiled from the homesteads will go a considerable ways in reducing the effects of around the world and guaranteeing environmental preservation. Honduras has been increasing in the amount of smoke manufactured in 2004 the produced0. 0007% of the global smoke produced, in 2013 it developed 0. 0013 almost double. In an effort to reduce the level of smoke cigars produced just like its version Sweden, the nation should extremely invest in the utilization of renewable energy sources which have been clean, safe and healthful.

A few of the residents of Atlantida are not aware of the effort by KIVA in conjunction with Soluz Honduras, to help in lighting up their homes and providing a source of alternative energy. If Olman could have the loan advanced to him and the panel installed, he could be accustomed to create recognition on the great things about the photo voltaic home program to associates of his village. More people would apply for this and the profit would become mutual as the panel company would increase their revenue of photo voltaic home systems and the occupants would enhance their living conditions.

The photo voltaic home program initiative by simply KIVA is a legit activity that can be trustworthy by the residents of Antlantida as they had been installing the systems nation wide and offering a 25 yr warranty of the products. Coming from 2008 and 2012 the corporation Soluz Honduras installed over 2500 sun-panels which have provided 5, 000 families electric power. It is a sensible and dependable endeavor.

In conclusion, Olman would be a ideal candidate to get the loan for purchase of a photo voltaic home system as the benefits will fall season not only in the family and economic activities. The complete society stands a chance to benefit and also the companies rendering the system.

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