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Information technology communication issues essay

Episode Command Program, Communication Strategy, Fire Department, Information Systems

Excerpt via Essay:

Even worse, the technology offering signals via NYFD commanders to firefighters in the field had been never properly tested in high-rise emergency scenarios. Got they been appropriately analyzed in advance, the NYFD can probably have got avoided the greatest loss of your life among its service users in the organization’s long record in September of 2001 because evacuation orders might have been received by hundreds of personnel inside Twin Towers before that they collapsed (DeGuttry, 2009). The natural way, the appropriate suggestions would be to develop, test, and deploy an improved communications system in New York City emergency managing agencies.

Actually that forensic analysis led directly to the design and setup of an completely new Network Centric Control: Communication and Information system. According to DeGuttry (2009):

“Network Centric Command can be an information-sharing component intended for first responders. It permits first responders to connect together and backlinks the Fire

Department Operation Centre (FDOC) to other emergency operations centers.

The use of this product allows for the immediate exchange of vital information between all parties involved. It truly is imperative this system always be updated at regular time periods in order to be used effectively and efficiently underneath extreme, crisis conditions. The Network Command uses words, data, and video for situational awareness and all of these elements are vital for the Incident

Leader. Specifically, the Incident Commander will use portable systems

(e. g., post radios, cellular phones, satellites, sound-powered phones), portable systems (e. g., borough dispatchers VHF radio, 800 MHz a radio station, vehicle cross-band repeaters), and auxiliary car radio communication systems (e. g., subway repeaters, coaxial cables) as tone systems; helicopter videos and Command Technical Units

(CTU) as online video systems; and, the Fire Section Operations Center (FDOC)

Electric Command Panels, Critical Response Information Supervision

Systems (CRIMS), Electronic Riding Lists, and 3-D Firefigher Tracking as data systems in order to relay important and relevant details. “


DeGuttry, Elizabeth. (2009). Operating Paper 09-03 Adaptation from the FDNY Command word Structure

and Training Subsequent 9/11. Christian Regenhard Centre for Unexpected emergency

Response Studies (RaCERS) Steve Jay School of Criminal Justice from the City

University or college of New You are able to. Accessed twenty-three July 2011

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