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Electronic trade in the digital era

Digital Era, Electronic Commerce

To formulate a complete comprehension of the subject of digital commerce in the digital time, we can analyze the Uber company, first analyzing the e-business models, on the web platforms and social media programs that they have. As well, its application and site analyzing the internal components of the same and as with a suggestions could improve its platform and website top quality and finally a few strategies and tools to find the best performance from the platform.

Organization introduction

Uber can be described as platform founded in 2009 within the company Above all Cap, in order to solve a problem to people with regards to the mobility of the same and was so addressing your issue to how will you get a trip with the force of a button?, the organization developed a software for mobiles and with usability through the internet to fix it and with just one click have a means of transport at the door of your property, easily, basically and securely. Currently Uber has several services such as Uber Feeds on (deliver food quickly and affordably) Above all Pool (users can share and split the price of a journey) shell out with money (only in India in the moment), more secure transport with driverless cars, Uber Shipping (connects road transport businesses and their drivers directly with carriers), Above all for Business (all in one remedy that makes simple how your business gets around), UberHealth (to facilitate the transportation of folks that need permanent medical assistance or maybe the help of a nurse) additionally to positioning themselves in 500 towns around the world in more than twenty-four countries with their additional products and services: UberX, UberBlack, UberMoto, UberGo, UberSelect, UberVip, UberBike and UberAuto. Ubers main perspective is to lessen congestion in cities by making more people consume fewer cars. This is why in the future they are seen with all the largest transfer company and so they plan to release Uber Raise to carry out atmosphere transport.

Classification of E-Business

The online platform of Uber and its application is considered an elektronische geschäftsabwicklung model largely BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) because it is ad advertisement platform that provides different product or service to clients. The B2C model refers to commerce among 2 or more business contains retail transactions of item or companies (Uber drivers) to individual shoppers (consumers, people who are looking for the service). In the case of Uber, the transaction process performed on the program is: Customer orders his service or product (UberEats), obtains the info of his service (license plate, name of the new driver, location and telephone) understands the order (accepts the rate) and waits using through your application the location of your item or motor vehicle, once completed, the payment is made through your credit card previously connected with the applying. Uber features B2C attributes since it includes a digital program or software for mobile phones where it offers a direct sale and on-line catalog in the matter of restaurants. With this Above all offers an immediate communication between your people that offer the service to their very own final buyers, a global access since it is an application that has coverage much more than twenty four countries in 500 towns, personalization due to fact that the service is unique for each client and higher availability as it is 24/7 every day from the week anytime.

Electronic business models

Ubers B2C business model uses different websites such as its website, app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise its business, offer usana products and its commences or media on the Net. Uber provides sales earnings models by providing on its Uber Consumes platform various restaurants of that ilk to their service, purchase fees because the company as such receives a commission based upon the ventures made by the service are available its diverse lines. Additionally , it has the internet marketing business design since the revenue generated in the website (UberEats) are coming from restaurants to customers, producing the circulation more efficient. They also perform virus-like marketing by offering flyers with discount discount codes in their initially services or perhaps among current users simply by sharing a code in order that each of them can easily share with their friends via Facebook, email or WhatsApp and offer all of them the 1st free trip for example. Finally Uber delivers to it is database constantly emails with news, fresh services or perhaps information appealing.

Benefits, limitations and effects of E-Business


  • Above all manages a cheap marketing as all your advertising efforts are to direct visitors your website or application. Each uses different methods of digital marketing among social networks, email, and off-line marketing.
  • Flexible organization hours: Above all has a timetable 24 hours a day, all week, your business under no circumstances closes, plus they break time barriers through their software.
  • Eliminates geographic boundaries: Uber is actually a global business that is much more than five-hundred cities around the globe, which allows using a global reach of their application.
  • Reduces deal cost: Throughout the application, Above all reduces the price per purchase because it requires less staff to total your online purchase. It gets rid of the need for a seller, in addition to a physical location.
  • Low overhead costs: Uber reduces the expenses involved with the execution of the physical position, rent and public services, in addition to reducing the expense of employee payment since you do not need someone to manage your application or website.
  • Limitations:

  • Protection and Honesty Issues: Each Uber consumer must enter their personal information including their very own credit card, computer system hackers may collect this financial info and start identity theft. This prevents several countries from distrusting the use of this kind of application. Above all must assure its buyers the security with their personal info.
  • Temporary Intangibility: UberEats does not provide you with the customer an actual proximity to the food purchased until delivery.
  • Impact:

  • Supply string: Uber has received an impact for the operational efficiency of it is supply string. The ability to share information in real time of the location of the service as well as the user, responds effectively for the needs and objectives in the company setting up a perfect exchange of information and workflow.
  • Customer service: Above all through it is communication 24/7 through the software improves the standard of customer service and responds on your needs or concerns in real time.

Major drivers of E-Business in digital age

Uber supplies efficient and effective commercial transactions in addition to a global reach. It includes as an additional advantage that users may compare prices (between several automobile services), personalize product or service and make use of through all their social networks a continuing communication and publicity in addition to posting relevant and contextualized details to the firm. Additionally , a competent transaction, a worldwide reach and all the information of its products and services are carried out on the web.

E-Marketplaces systems and tools used in Modern world

E-markets parts and participants

The organization is conducting its activities online and interacts with its customers through net. The customers of Uber enjoy the service by simply hiring it through the program or web page of the company. The retailers of the assistance also provide quickly and speedy service and everything the activities are done systematically, the transactions are done online. In back end their very own application facilitates tracking from the location of cab drivers when clients book these people for a drive. Intermediaries are definitely the cab motorists who be employed by company and give service to consumers on behalf of Above all Company

Customer connection mechanisms

To communicate more number of customers Uber is providing many useful incentives for customers on it is official web page. They offer free ride support for very first time to people once they download their particular application and in addition sometimes the business gives discount codes on its official site for benefit for customers which usually enhance connection with all of them.

The role of different types of websites

Business portal: This refers to inner website of company that provides expertise information to employees and also use of selected community websites.

Publishing site: Uber posting is a strong solution which is designed to progress the way press and marketers do business. Above all Publisher enables publishers to manage the way all their content is usually been experienced.

Personal portal: Your own portal supplies personalized capacities to the guests. Uber also provides reviews option to clients on their official website where people can give their personal reviews about the service.

Mobile website: The site is accessible through mobiles are known as mobile portal. Clients can seek the services of Uber the taxis online via mobile phones with their desired locations.

Tone portal: It is just a portal reached by mobile phone and cellular phone. People can also use dialling function to book a ride on their own.

Know-how portal: The ability or any kind info related to Uber can be found issues official web page and also payment terms and conditions are listed above there

The position of e-auctions

The auctions done over net are generally known as e sale. It is a program where buyers and sellers can place bids for a selective merchandise.

The benefits are:

  • People need not be bodily present for doing the auction. They will do it online from anywhere.
  • It offers more options as there are large numbers of auctions obtainable on internet and folks can select best suits to them.
  • Additionally, it has some limitations:

  • Privacy concern is definitely an issue since when consumer use Above all service they should provide personal information including their particular bank information for repayment.
  • Also there are some fake websites which post sale that can loot money of people who get entail in these people.

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