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Computers in nursing the next term paper

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

Number 2: Comparing RFID Tags and their Employ

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It’s important to note that the majority of RFID tags could be programmed by user – a critical element in the advancement patient-based approaches around RFID and the cause healthcare service providers are focused on this technology as well as implications intended for redefining their entire treatment programs and treatment worth chains.

Figure 3 provides a schematic that defines just how RFID functions. Tags speak with antennas particularly developed to pick up their pre-defined radio frequency and in turn talk tag articles and position back to a number computer. As soon as the data can be transferred to the web host computer, databases are used for checking and taking care of patient data.

Figure three or more: Exploring Just how RFID Functions

Given the real-time get of information that RFID delivers and the affordable of unaggressive connectors, experts from a consortium of companies have got completed a number of studies in the way to manage triage emergencies using real-time data monitoring, specifically using unaggressive RFID tags. The work of those researchers in quickly resolving a medical triage catastrophe through the successful use of current information and patient monitoring is supplied in the daily news they printed which reveals the effects of how real-tome data can help you lives, RFID (2006). A chance to quickly specify treatment strategies for wide groups of injured persons is critical, and the authors from the study demonstrate how RFID and real-time data monitoring can considerably increase the possibility of conserving more lives.


The role of real-time monitoring technologies is central towards the future of nursing jobs and the administration of information. The role of RFID, cellular devices and the integration of databases can revolutionize and make even more possible the optimum treatment programs for patients.


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